Tradesmen Logo Design Trends & Ideas

It’s surprising how many tradesmen have poor-quality websites and even poorer logos. A digital identity is the cornerstone of most businesses—even small businesses that work locally should have a recognizable logo.

You can find plenty of nice logos and great websites from service industry workers like electricians, plumbers, carpenters, HVAC specialists, and related fields. But for those who don’t have a natural design sense I’ve organized this post full of great tips for service businesses.

You’ll find plenty of sample logos here from professional designers to illustrate ideas that other tradesmen can build upon for their personal brand.

Bold Lettering

Very few trades have a frilly creative side. It’s tough to push cursive lettering or big bubble letters for a field like plumbing or roofing.

This is why strong bold typography works best. It draws the eye and keeps the logo simple. But it also feels powerful enough to draw attention at a glance.

elektro company logo

The example above uses alternating colors and full-size caps text to create a believable identity that merges nicely with the light bulb icon. This logo works together as one cohesive unit, but the text could stand on its own and still hold weight.

You can find plenty of similar examples using the all-caps bold lettering.

But every so often you will find logos that deviate from the norm. This design by Simon Deighton mixes cursive lettering with all-caps bold lettering to create a very unique effect.

sheriff handyman logo

The interesting pat is that while the cursive lettering does deviate from the norm, it still gives a strong visible identity to the viewer.

It feels like a bold logo even with alternating type and the curved ribbon.

Instead of worrying solely about font choices, think more about leaving a lasting impression. Which font(s) can you use that’ll blend nicely with the company’s services? Find a way to make them pop off the screen and you’ll have a great starting point.

Character Illustrations

One of the best logo techniques for handymen and tradesmen is the addition of a character into the logo. This character could be a human, animal, or even a personified object.

wilson construction logo

These character designs are not meant to be corporate mascots. Of course you can go this route, but the bigger goal is to visually sell whatever service is offered.

A roofer might have someone working on a roof or carrying lumber like the above construction logo made by Chris Koch. But you could also add a very simple roof & chimney icon above the logo.

You can’t really go wrong with a character illustration because it always helps sell the service. However you can over-complicate the process by creating a character that’s too detailed, or a character that doesn’t blend well into the logo.

upkeep company logo

If you prefer a more cartoony feeling then go with that. Or if you have a particular style in mind you can try hiring an illustrator to design the character.

But if you’re not sure what to use then it might be best to query customers or ask online. See which icons people relate to the most.

The reason characters work well for SMBs is because they’re local and easy to spot. You can use similar characters for any serviceman job from a landscaper to a pool cleaner to an appliance technician.

Character icons offer the strongest means of adding life into an identity. And if you're on the fence just take a look at related websites. Every serviceman site has a custom logo and you can learn a lot by studying other identities.

Relevant Iconography

Icons are much easier to add into a logo than full character vectors. However they can also be easier to forget or leave a less than enthusiastic appearance on the visitor.

As a general rule you should look at icons as extras that bring attention to the logo. When looking for a designer it’s good to assume simplicity works better. Complex icons can draw attention away from the text and they’re harder to simplify for marketing materials like business cards.

weston logo

The above electrician logo designed by Allison Cassels is a great example of simplicity at work. The simple light bulb icon is clear at a glance, yet doesn’t have too many details.

In fact it’s only four shapes: two dark spheres at the bottom for the base, one large outline for the bulb, and a lightning bolt representing electricity.

It’s funny how a few minor shapes can come together to create such a recognizable icon. Visuals transcend language and they help sell a better picture of the company.

deleon plumbing logo

Here’s another nice plumbing logo created by Kevin Greene. It’s actually for a company doing sewers & drainage but this all falls under the serviceman umbrella.

And the two tools behind the logo text accurately reflect what the company does. Just looking at the text “DeLeon” doesn’t really say anything. The icons are really the features that sell this logo.

Now notice the difference in this logo:

hvac company logo

Excellent design and very easy to recognize. But I do think it could be improved with iconography.

Is it necessary? Absolutely not. In fact this HVAC branding could work very well and never need to be updated much at all.

But if you’re looking to grab attention quickly then an icon is the way to go.

Maintain A Unified Theme

This is perhaps the most important aspect of any logo design. There should be a thematic purpose found in every part of the logo from icons, colors, fonts, and textures/text effects.

I’d argue this to be true for all logos but it’s especially true for servicemen. It’s a good feeling to be recognized for your logo especially in a smaller region with a limited clientel. A great logo should brand these services with the hopes of selling whatever they do to anyone.

am handyman logo

The above logo for A&M Handyman designed by Addison Foote is a model example.

It uses a dark buzzsaw shape in the background containing the entire logo. It has varied text sizes along with small icons underneath for nuts/bolts, screwdrivers, and a hammer + wrench.

All of these tools sell the ability to fix your housing problems no matter what you need fixed up.

Granted this handyman service may not be able to do everything. But their logo still implies a broad enough spectrum where they can draw attention from anyone who needs work done.

This unified theme is powerful when done correctly and the branding can easily sell services just through visuals.

I also like the A&M logo because it works with a flat color scheme. This is typically how you’ll find logos on business cards which are crucial for small and mid-sized service businesses.

Moving Forward

You don’t need to be a designer to have great taste. Most people can tell a junky logo from a clearly-defined logo & branding.

Using these trends you should be able to not only recognize great logos, but also craft logo ideas for yourself or for clients. If you’re hiring a designer you can always approach them with examples of how you’d like your logo to appear. But as long as you know what to look for in a great tradesman logo you’ll have a much easier time planning your own design.