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38 Online Store Websites Running on Shopify

Web designers around the world have been captivated by Shopify. It's an online e-commerce CMS which is self-hosted and managed by the Shopify team. Webmasters can purchase their own domain name and launch a store just like any regular website – but without deep concerns over server management.

For anyone looking into Shopify it is truly a magnificent platform. I specifically love their open-ended theming system which allows for any style of template to be fitted into the e-commerce engine. I've catalogued a series of unique Shopify websites for creative design inspiration. Take a look at what other designers have built to generate your own ideas for new shops and storefronts.


Shopify is the home to a lot of excellent web designers around the world so you would love exploring shopify themes.

Blu Kicks

The way you categorize different posts is really important as it affects the first impression of your site and ease to explore the site.

Trim Apparel

The footer of your online store may contain important information such as account and customer representative.

Mastering The Mix

The homepage of your online store must be categorized properly so that it  supports stance regarding the advantages and benefits of available products.

Mister Hound

The first impression i.e. homepage of your site must be unique and clear so that users do not difficulty the type and variety of products that you are offering.


Similar to the previous ones but with little differences such as colors and menu.

Luca + Danni

The homepage must contain larger and clear images so that users get better insight of the products in first look.

Mamagama Maternity

Despite the larger images of the products, everything appears to be neat and clean.

Lunet Eyewear

lunet eyewear shopify website homepage

One must be very precise about the information of products on homepage so that it does not cover extra space and interface appears to be neat and clean.

So Worth Loving

dark clean website so worth loving

Even though the store contain only few products, it is made attractive through excellent design, detailed information and blog related to the products, You must hire a good photographer for the photos related to your products.

Mammoth & Co.

mammoth and company shopify website

When the bulk of information is to be displayed, it is responsibility of designer to organize all the things in nice and uniform pattern.

Fiercely Curious

fiercely curious homepage dark shopify

Such larger images that cover the whole site provide useful insight to all the aspiring artists.

Whipping Post

shopify whipping post website design

Slideshow that shows images on full screen and simplistic design makes the users to crave for more products and similar user experience.

My Boyfriend's Back

boyfriends back shopify fullscreen image background

Designer will stop doubting his abilities and strengths after going through this design as it is truly unique and impressive.

Pop Chart Lab

pop chart lab design shopify website

One must consider categorizing the important things which the owner wants to bring under the spotlight of the users.

Taylor Stitch

taylor stitch website shopify theme

There is so much to explore and study about the products and homepage has just provided reflection of how the overall content looks to be.


mollyjogger website retro shopify design

The footer is nicely designed to draw the attention of the users towards other aspects of the site.

Master and Dynamic

master and dynamic shopify website layout

Amazingly designed online store as it represents all the products as the quality products and all products have been described precisely in a unique way.

The Ghostly Store

the ghostly store website homepage shopify

Simple yet unique web design to cater the curiosity of all the shopping sprees.

Factory 43

factory 43 website layout homepage

The web design must be such as so the products do not appear to be anonymous and it must be according to the niche of the products.


clean simple litter shopify website design

Shopify gives extra spark to the creativity of the designers and it is the great place to discover your inspiration.

Kutoa Health Co.

kutoa health company website shopify

Although Shopify themes are not designed from scratch but such themes offer great value to the world of online shopping.

Three Square Feet

three square feet shopify website design

Even the small details can have bigger impact on the overall performance and sales of the online store so one must be very considerate about the small details as well.

Goodwin & Goodwin

goodwin and goodwin shopify sales website

It is more convenient to display bulk of information through pictorial forms such as pictures and videos because users prefer to view the things as they are.

Dowse Design

dowse design shopify store website

The menu is made really broad along with the logo and the items have been displayed in abundance so that the users can trust the store with variety of useful items.

Erin Louise

erin louise shopify website homepage

The whole interface appears to be neat and clean despite number of headers and footers.

Calm The Ham

calm the ham shopify fullscreen website layout

The small details have been taken into the consideration precisely and the design can support enough information to look up to for the audience.

Wrightwood Furniture

wrightwood furniture company website shopify

All the sections have been nicely differentiated and organized so as to create a unique design different from others.

The Horse

the horse shopify leather website ecommerce

Creating small details unique and decorating the online store like the real-world should be the goal.

The Great Divide

the great divide shopify simple website

Designers try out different things and they are aware of different trends so you must keep checking new Shopify themes to get designs similar to this one.

Black Milk Clothing

black milk clothing shopify homepage website

A great design for people who want advanced level designing and customization for their online shop.

Norwegian Rain

norwegian rain bespoke tailor shopify

A perfect simplistic way to display the items of high quality with enough details. The high-quality images really make the difference and the homepage can be used to display all the new trends and fashions.


dahlia clothing store shopify website

The main slider image that creates the first impression must be beautiful and delivering some useful message.


leif shop website clean homepage layout

The sidebar contains the nicely detailed categories and even the sub-menu is categorized very nicely.


three sixteen shopify website homepage

When you notice the small details as in the design, you can also consider to add such nice details to your design.

With Love From Brookyn

with love from brooklyn nyc website shopify

Both header and footer should be precise, detailed and neat so that the user can easily guess what the site contains.

Island Creek Oysters

island creek oysters website homepage design shopify

The footer never disappears and it contains all the necessary information required to explore the store.


rebel8 homepage dark ecommerce site shopify layout

You can easily guess how easy it is to navigate through the site. There are no proper boundaries between different categories but the interface appears to be so neat and clean.

I'm the editor-in-chief of I'm a designer and developer by day, and a writer and musician when the feeling strikes. I enjoy vintage advertisements and puzzles with an absurd amount of pieces. Follow me on Twitter.

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