21 Inspiring Instagram Accounts for Maximum Creativity

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What are the most inspiring Instagram accounts for artists?

You may have had a teacher who reminded you over and over, “Creativity doesn't happen in a vacuum.”

And you may have thought, “That's great and all, but if I'm not waiting for creativity to strike, how am I supposed to get inspired?”

If you've ever asked this question, you're not alone. Creative block is real. And it's hard.

Luckily, there are several ways to get those creative juices flowing. Visiting museums, networking with other artists, and learning new skills are all ways to engage in creative thinking.

Still, sometimes we want to get inspired without leaving the couch.

In those moments, social media can provide a major creative boost, allowing you to view new, original work, as well as connect with other artists.

Instagram is perhaps one of the best platforms to do just that, and with its explosive growth over the last several years, Instagram is a perfect platform to find other creatives like yourself (people who remind you why you wanted “to art” in the first place). Instagram is a really nice place to attract people with similar interests and share your best shots with them. So, artists must not forget checking the artwork of these popular artists on Instagram. The link to social media accounts of different artists will give you a boost and you be better familiar with the lifestyle of top-notch artists that how they balance their professional life with personal life. Each of them has their own unique style and that is the reason for their popularity. Posting their artworks on Instagram makes them feel more accomplished and productive. They compare their artworks to other artists through Instagram and then enhances their creativity. In addition to that, they can compare their previous artworks with the new ones so as to sense the improvement they have made over recent times. Instagram is a really big thing for all types of artists and all of these Instagram accounts reach heights from scratch. So, it is never late to start and join the online community through Instagram. 

So, in light of “art,” we've listed 21 inspiring Instagram accounts below, perfect for creative slumps and artistic vibes. Let's get started.

Lizzie Darden


Lizzie Darden is a colorful Insta-darling who loves puns and bright colors. Her creative content design has gotten her work with brands like Tic-Tac, Lyft, and Chobani.

If her Instagram's not enough, you can also check out her portfolio.

Mari Orr


Mari Orr is a Chicago-based artist, photographer, and everything-else. Her Instagram is a magical world of colorful stripes and beautiful (yes, beautiful) paint swatches.

See Mari Orr's portfolio.

Matthew Taylor Wilson


You may remember Matthew Taylor Wilson from our post on Kentucky-based artists. If you like juicy colors and feel-good designs, his Instagram is the one for you. Wilson has worked with brands like Urban Outfitters, American Greetings, and more.

Check out his portfolio.

Jenny K


Need more botanical watercolors in your life? Of course, you do, and Jenny K is an artist you need to follow. Her Instagram is a sea of green leaves and succulents, making it an inspiring Instagram account for plant-heads and watercolor-enthusiasts alike.

View more of Jenny K's work.

Studio Simon


Studio Simon is a great choice for designers who love sports. This Insta is dedicated to sports brand development and features colorful, flat mascots, logos, and product design.

Learn more about Studio Simon.

Wild Hope Co.


Wild Hope Co. is an inspirational Instagram account devoted to art and spirituality. Follow this account for a daily dose of lettering, flowers, and verses.

You can see Wild Hope Co. products at their website.

Gerald Schepers Arnhem


Gerald Schepers Arnhem's Instagram is a painted paradise. This account is also a great place for other artists to observe color combinations and texture work.

Diego Gabriele


Diego Gabriele is an Italian-based artist who uses a variety of media in his illustrations and drawings. His beautiful, stylistic drawings often portray original characters and females.

You can see more of Gabriele's work here.

Paul du Coudray


Paul de Coudray is an artist, illustrator, and designer. His Instagram is a funky collection of surrealist work, perfect for those looking to think outside the box.

You can find more of Coudray's work here.

Varun Kumar


Varun Kumar makes sleek designs with bright, exciting colors and fun imagery. His Instagram is a great source for logo design ideas and icon inspiration.

Check out more of Kumar's work.

Meagan Morrison


Meagan Morrison's Instagram isn't just a source of art inspiration; it's also a great place for those with a major case of wanderlust. As a fashion illustrator, Morrison has found her niche by traveling and recording her journey through fashion-style illustrations.

See more of Morrison's work.

Si Budiman


Si Budiman is a freelance artist and character designer based in Indonesia. His art is a stylized collection of rock n' roll characters and futuristic animations.

This is a choice inspirational Instagram account for other character designers and animators like him.

 Natalí Koromoto Martínez


Based in Brooklyn, Natalí Martínez is a fresh design with a Wes Anderson color palette and an anime style. Her work has been featured by brands such as Hulu, Ray-Ban, and Nickelodeon.

You can find more of Martínez's work by going here.

Carrie Chan


Carrie Chan is Texas-based watercolorist and illustrator who loves bright colors and strong shapes. If you are interested in adding more dimension to your work, Chan is just the one to follow.

Graphic Design UI


Graphic Design UI is a perfect place for daily inspiration, whether you're a graphic designer, web designer, or anything in-between. Write #GraphicDesignUI in your Insta posts for a chance to be featured.

Hikari Shimoda


There's no question that Hikari Shimoda has a style all her own. This Japan-based artist is known for her big-eyed characters and iridescent color schemes. If you're feeling inspired, you're not the only one; Shimoda often features her followers' fan art via Instagram.

See more of her work here.

Street Art in Rome


Street Art in Rome will make you want to travel immediately. With photos taken by Alfredo Facchini, this Instagram features beautiful art from the streets of Rome.

Learn more by going here.

Tomasz Mro


Tomasz Mro is an England-based artist who creates vibrant illustrations, phone cases, and more. His work is distinctive because of its eye-catching tones and imagery.

You can find more of Mro's work here.



Different from many of the other inspiring Instagram accounts in our list, Beatrice Blue's account is a supernatural fantasy world full of mad imagery and brilliant details. Blue's Instagram is a great choice for illustrators of all kinds.

You can see a full range of Blue's work.

Nick Jacoy


Nick Jacoy's work is a series of bold, modern illustrations and vectors. His Instagram is a colorful account with plenty of nostalgia and all things cool.

There are so many things that are common among all these artists although they have their own unique style of portraying different things. 

Check out more of Jacoy's work.