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The 10 Best Art Box Subscription Services You Need to Try

What is the best art box subscription?

Despite the instant gratification of the internet, it seems people still enjoy snail mail from time to time… once a month, to be exact. Subscription boxes have become a way of life for both consumers and businesses.

As of spring of last year, there were over 2,000 subscription box services in the US alone. With all the boxes floating around, you may be wondering how a creative such as yourself can benefit from the growing trend. You may be asking, “Are there subscriptions available for artists? What is the best art box subscription for me?”

That's why we've rounded up the top 10 art box subscription services for creative minds. Let's get started!


Art supplies subscription

Scrawrlbox is a perfect subscription for those looking to be inspired. Scrawlrbox sends a box of art supplies to your door each and every month. Oh, and it's a mystery as to what you'll receive.

Scrawlrbox can include anything from pens to paints to brushes. The company also features a different artist each month when they upload images of the previously released boxes. This subscription has gift options and subscription plans spanning from £15 (one month) all the way to £165 (one year).


Art supplies subscription box

SketchBox sends art supplies every month—sometimes with full kits—as a low-cost option for artists looking to get creative.

This box includes items such as erasers, watercolors, and color pencils. Like Scrawlrbox, SketchBox features artists' work and offers gift options. Sketchbox is a little pricier than Scrawlrbox, as monthly plans start at $25. However, Sketchbox does offer a Premium subscription ($35) with high-quality art supplies.

Smart Art

art subscription box

Smart Art is a themed art box subscription, meaning you receive correlating art supplies each month, along with a step-by-step project to hone your skills.

This subscription provides items such as artist panels, sketch pads, and specialized tools. Because the boxes carry larger items and a lesson plan, they are a little higher in price than some of the others in our list.

A monthly subscription starts at $49.95 (one month) and goes all the way up to $269.95 (six months). Smart Art offers gifting options, so you may want to consider asking for this subscription as a present, especially if you are looking to pinch pennies.

ArtsnacksSubscription boxes for artists

Artsnacks is a great subscription for designers who are looking to connect with new mediums. Similar to Smart Art, Artsnacks is a themed art box subscription with coordinated supplies each month.

A monthly kit includes items such as ink, pens, and brushes. Artsnacks has an artist community and its own challenge hashtag. Plans begin at $24 (one month) and go to $240 (one year). Artsnacks also offers a unique lettering subscription box.

Smile Create Repeat

Art Box Subscription

Like Smart Art, Smile Create Repeat works to help people who are looking to better certain artistic skillsets. This is a great subscription for people looking to gain a well-rounded portfolio.

This box includes art supplies (e.g. pencils, pens, etc.), an art lesson, a demo video, and occasional extras. Smile Create Repeat offers gift options and begins at $25 (one month), going up to $240.00 (one year).

Creative Art Box

art box subscription

Creative Art Box is a great starter subscription, making it a good gift for kids or creative friends. The subscription is themed, and it's designed specifically for people who are looking to learn about art.

This box comes with items like books, stencils, and pens. Creative Art Box shows off artists' work using this hashtag. Plans begin at $24 (one month) and go to $132 (six months).

Paletteful Packs

Box subscription for artists

Paletteful Packs has created multiple art box subscriptions. Whichever box you choose, you'll receive different art supplies each month. The site also features contributing artists.

There are three Paletteful Packs boxes: Petite Pack (the smallest), Palleteful Pack (the classic box), and Young Artist (a box for new or young artists). These boxes come with varying supplies, such as brushes, sketch pads, and pastels.

You can gift a box or subscribe to one of the kits. Petite Pack starts at $23.95; Paletteful Pack starts at $34.95, and Young Artist begins at a price of $29.95.

Art in a Box

Different from some of the other subscriptions in this list, Art in a Box is a subscription that supports artists by sending their work and info to you each month. By selecting your art preferences, you'll be sent a different piece of art from a U.S. artist in each box.

These boxes include anything from prints to sculptures. Delivery options begin at $50 (per month) and go all the way to $600 (one year). There are also pick up options and international delivery options.

Think With Art

art subscription for kids

Think With Art is an art subscription box made specifically for creative children. The goal is to teach kids about critical thinking through artistic expression.

Each box includes art supplies (e.g. color pencils, erasers, etc.), a story booklet about the Think With Art mascot, and a problem-solving activity. Prices begin at $29.99 (per month) and go to $269.88) (one year).


art box subscription

Chroma.Club is unlike any of the art box subscription services in our list. Each month, you'll be sent an adult coloring book—the idea being, you can relax with a complex coloring book and still support artists.

Each book has special, unique designs from independent artists. Additionally, Chroma.Club is the most affordable subscription in our list. Plans start at $8 (monthly) and go to $39 (six months).

We hope this list has helped you find the perfect art box subscription for your snail mail. Have more to add? Let us know in the comments below.

Kaitlin Westbrook is a content writer who covers business, creative content, professional writing, and more. When she's not writing, she enjoys movies, baking, and her Pomeranian.

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