10 Reasons Why It’s Good for Freelance Designers to Be Different

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So, you're not the run-of-the-mill freelance designer? You're different, and your work shows it.

So what?

Being different can cause you to feel alone. It can cause you to doubt your abilities. You might even think you're doing something wrong if you're different. But, being different isn't necessarily a bad thing if you're a freelance designer.

In this post, I'll explain why. I'll list ten reasons that show you how being different can actually help your freelancing business.

How Being Different Can Help

Being different might make you feel awkward. For many of us, our first instinct is to try to fit in.

But being different isn't necessarily a drawback for a freelance designer–especially if you can show your clients how your differences benefit them.

Here are ten reasons why it's okay to be different:

  1. Being different sets you apart from other freelance designers. There are literally thousands of freelance designers out there. From a client's perspective, many of them seem to be about the same. Your differences make you stand out from the pack.
  2. Being different builds your reputation. As a freelance designer, you want to have a good reputation. But to have a reputation, you must have something that your reputation can be built upon. Why not build your good reputation upon your uniqueness?
  3. Being different provides you with a unique selling proposition (USP). Every freelancer should have a unique selling proposition. Most freelancers have trouble coming up with theirs–but not you, because you already know how you're different. Now, make it a selling point.
  4. Being different gives you an angle for marketing yourself. Do you have trouble creating marketing materials or writing website copy for your freelance design business? Focus your marketing efforts on your difference and marketing will be much easier.
  5. Being different provides you with a niche. Use your difference to carve out a niche for yourself. Target your services directly to people who understand and appreciate your uniqueness. You'll save time and energy by working mostly for those who really want what you offer.
  6. Being different shows that you have imagination. Sadly, many freelancers just follow the leader. They base their work on what's popular and what they think that they should be doing. If you're different from the rest, it shows your clients that you have an imagination–which is exactly what many clients want.
  7. Being different shows that you have a personality. People can relate to a freelancer with a personality. Having a personality makes you more real, more human, less like a clone or an automaton.
  8. Being different helps your clients to remember you. If a client works with a lot of freelancers, they might have trouble remembering who did what. Especially if some time has passed. Being memorable isn't a problem for the freelancer who is different.
  9. You can't be better unless you're different. Think about it. Being the best means that you do something that the others don't do or you do something differently. So, if you want to be a better freelance designer, you need to be different.
  10. Letting yourself be different can reduce your stress. It can be stressful trying to fit into a design mold. Don't try to be someone you aren't. Just be yourself. You'll feel better and enjoy your work more.

Embrace Your Differences

Being different isn't the same thing as being bad.

In fact, some of the most successful people in the world became successful because of their differences, not in spite of them.

If your differences are working for your freelancing business, then don't try to change them to fit in with other designers. Instead, embrace the positive aspects of your differences.

Maybe you're different because your designs have a particular look or feel to them. That's great! Market that look and feel to potential clients.

Maybe you're different because you spend more time with your customers. There's definitely a market for designers who are willing to work closely with their clients.

Maybe you're different because you're more laid back than other designers. Go with that. There are clients who can appreciate a laid back attitude.

Above all, don't be ashamed of design differences that make you unique. Take your difference and make it work for you.

Your Turn

Are you different as freelance designer? How so?