Free Illustrator Brushes: Ink/Watercolor

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I've got another set of Illustrator brushes for everyone. These inky watercolor brushes are a great addition to your repertoire. Download them and let us know how you use them in your projects!

These watercolor brushes have a thick mainstream drawing and you can deduce a lot from these simple drawings. These are neat and clean brushes which can be used to draw large calligraphic fonts as well. These brush designs have not been calibrated with perfect precision and therefore you can also design such brush design in very less time. These set of brushes can be downloaded quickly if you are considering to speed up the design process. You should try each of these brushes with a lot of different techniques so that you can get a better grasp of how these brushes really work. These brushes can be used to design three-dimensional vector shaped figures. You can use a variety of watercolor brushes of different colors, shapes, patterns, designs, roughness for your own project. These watercolor brushes prove to be an efficient tool for quick designing and calibration in a variety of complex tasks.

Free Illustrator Brushes: Ink/Watercolor

Download: Ink and Watercolor Photoshop Brushes


Even though it has an .ai extension, the file you downloaded is an “Illustrator Brush Library,” not an actual Illustrator file. You will not be able to open the file in Illustrator.

  1. Unzip the File.
  2. Copy or move the file to your Illustrator > Presets > Brushes folder.
  3. Restart Illustrator If it was open during installation.

After you restart Illustrator, you will be able to load the brushes by clicking on the little arrow in the upper right corner of the brushes palette. Or go to Window > Brush Libraries > and choose the file from the list.