10 Alabama Graphic Designers and Artists You Will Want to Hire

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Photo via Envato Elements

Who are the best Alabama graphic designers?

There's no question that the Heart of Dixie has a lot of character, history, and… well, heart. With its big personality and rivaling college football teams, there's a lot in Alabama to love. Still, as a creative, you don't want to overlook the thriving art culture currently at work in this good ol' state.

That's why we've rounded up ten impressive Alabama graphic designers who simply can't be missed. From videographers to web designers, this list showcases numerous talents currently at work in the southeast.

Jake Odom – Birmingham

Jake Odom

Jake Odom is a Birmingham designer who specializes in web design, branding, and illustration. His clean, professional style gives his work a unique edge. Whether he's illustrating animations or building websites, Odom is an artist you'll want to watch.

You can see more of Jake Odom’s art by going to his site or his Dribbble page.

Above you can see Odom's work on this Books-A-Million commercial for PBS. For the commercial, Odom created all the illustrations and directed the animation. We love the friendly characters, as well as the great use of muted colors for the backgrounds. This helps the bright details of the animation to stand out.

This piece is taken from a website Odom designed for Rebel Lures, called CatchFishAnywhere. We love the simple beauty of this image. Not only is the photo wonderfully textured, but the illustration overlay is a great touch. Additionally, the clean style of the website is a great touch.

Crisy Meschieri – Huntsville

Crisy Meschieri

Crisy Meschieri hails from Huntsville, and as a graphic designer, she has worked on a variety of projects. From personal pieces to large campaigns, her sweet, whimsical style creates art that adds a little excitement to whatever project she pursues.

You can see a full list of Meschieri's projects on her portfolio, Dribbble, or Behance.

This piece is part of Meschieri's work for Discovery. Meschieri was given the task of capturing the company feel for Discovery Communications' 30 year anniversary. Taken from a series of posters she designed in collaboration with a lettering artist and copywriter, this design has a beautiful color palette and a creative optical illusion.

In addition to her corporate work, Meschieri also designs graphic tees, which she sells on Teepublic. We love the clever copy on these shirts, as well as the clean, sharp style of the characters.

Scott M. Thigpen – Birmingham

Scott M. Thigpen

Scott M Thigpen resides in Birmingham, where he works as a UI/UX designer at ProctorU. Thigpen was previously a longtime freelancer for companies like The Wall Street Journal and Dreamworks, and he’s been working in the industry for over two decades. You can find his work via his site or Dribbble.

We chose the above animation because of it's amazing creativity. Through just few frames and even fewer colors, this gif tells a story. We love Thigpen's striking colors and bold symmetry.

The unique imagery of the above animation made it a must-use for our list. Thigpen's use of movement is eye-catching, and his understanding of dimension are both qualities we appreciate in his art.

Megan Cary – Mobile

Megan Cary

Megan Cary is an artist and assistant professor at the University of Mobile, where she teaches graphic design and other creative courses. Her style boasts intricate details and classic charms.

Cary has been designing for over a decade. In her years of design work, Cary has done illustration, corporate work, web design, and more. You can see a full range of her projects on her website, or by viewing her on Behance.

Above is a poster Cary designed and illustrated. As with much of her illustrative work, Cary taps into a classic look that reflects both familiar styles and something unique to her. In this particular poster, we see a hybrid of art nouveau, digital painting, and strong texture work.

Cary works with a nonprofit publisher called Negative Capability Press, and she has worked with this nonprofit for over a decade. In her work, Cary designs books and curates the art within. Above you can see one such project, in which Cary designed the all0ver aesthetic of the book and chose the art.

Brandon W. Vernon – Jacksonville

Brandon W. Vernon

Brandon W. Vernon is an illustrator and freelancer located in Jacksonville. He attended the School of Visual Arts in New York, where he studied traditional animation. Vernon has a one-of-a-kind style in which his designs are both realistic and larger than life.

Vernon has been featured on MTV.com and has been a contributing artist for film and television. You can check out Vernon's work via Bēhance, or check out his blog.

The above piece, entitled “Dri’-fa and Her Prince, Spin Head,” beautifully utilizes texture and light to create a dynamic piece. We love the gradient glow around “the prince,” as well as the rich use of color in Dri'fa's face.

The above piece is a fun example of cross-hatching at its finest. This piece, like Vernon's other works, uses contrast in a bold and visual way. Notice the use of shadow around the eyes of the characters to create a horror aesthetic.

Joe Walker – Montgomery

Joe Walker

Joe Walker is a Montgomery-based motion designer who has done numerous projects, including DVD menus for Project Runway, Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, and more. Walker's art varies in style, but his intricate use of texture and color give his designs numerous layers to observe.

You can see more of Walker's art by visiting his portfolio or his Bēhance.

Above is a one of the pages of a DVD menu Walker designed for Marvel Knights – Wolverine “Origins.” Walker's attention to detail in both the characters' physique and the fabric of their clothing is incredible. We also love the textured background, which gives the sense of burnt edges.

Ashley Burrough – Huntsville

Ashley Burrough

Ashley Burrough is a Huntsville illustrator and UX designer. While her projects vary in content, her work consistently boasts cleanliness and bright colors. We love her simple, illustrative style, which always provides character and charm.

You can see more of Burrough's art on her Dribbble.

In an effort to find employees who “ooze creativity,” Burrough designed the above unicorn. Notice how small details provide a textured appearance—a great contrast to the solid background.

Above is a personal illustration Burrough created. The message and look of this illustration complement each other perfectly. Notice how the overlapping details and curved lines give this design its flow.

Patrice N. Anderson – Jacksonville

Patrice N. Anderson

Patrice N. Anderson is a Jacksonville designer of apps and illustrations. Among her creations are badges, illustrations, and her own app—an iPad game for children with delayed learning disabilities. Patterns are prevalent in Anderson's work, as are detailed textures and controlled chaos.

You can find all of Anderson's social profiles through her website, or view her art via Dribbble.

Using imagery from one of her first memories, Anderson created the striking pattern above. We love how the unique look of the characters blends with the bright, modern color scheme. Notice how the scribbled lines also provide movement and depth.

You may find yourself staring at the hypnotic gif above. This illustration is a design based on Anderson's “favorite childhood ride.” Although the tricycle is simply designed, the small details and constant movement are two aspects that give this piece life.

Jin Kim – Birmingham

Jin Kim

Jin Kim, a Birmingham designer, creates sweet designs and typography for apps and businesses. Kim's work often has a flat style and muted colors, giving her designs a warm, pleasant feel. Her individual lettering style and memorable characters make her work highly memorable.

You can see more of Kim's work via her website.

Kim worked with Big Spoon, a local Birmingham creamery, to design the Big Spoon ice cream truck. The allover style encourages an artisanal look and feel. Both modern and classic, the truck beautifully encourages indulging in everyone's favorite snack.

Kim also dabbles in pediatric design. Above is her branding for Lovell Pediatric Dentistry, which is easily recognizable to customers with its monster mascots. These characters, as well as the branding they so beautifully complement, were designed by Kim.

Jaclyn Allebach – Huntsville

Jaclyn Allebach

Like many of the designers in this list, Jaclyn Allebach is a Huntsville-based designer. She specializes in branding and iconography. Allebach's clean style incorporates strong lines and deep contrast, making her work eye-catching and fresh.

Allebach is currently creating fun animations and illustrations. You can see Allebach's latest art via her Dribbble.

Above is the branding Allebach did for Toybox Bistro. This local restaurant has a proud assortment of high-end toys, games, and collector’s cards. We love the soft iconography surrounding the logo, as well as the bold text and color choices.

The shape, too, is a good choice, as it’s simplistic and representative of both a toy chest and takeout box.

The above illustration again shows Allebach's clever typography and her ability to illustrate ideas simply and cleanly. Notice the strong use of black and white, as well as the symmetry of the image. You can purchase this image via Society6.

Who's your favorite Alabama artist? Did we leave anyone out? Tell us in the comments below.