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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Statement
Here at Bittbox ( “BB”, “Website”, “we”, “us”), we are dedicated to your security and your privacy. We want to provide a website safe for all users. By using this website you agree to the terms laid out in this privacy policy.

Website Information Usage
We employ online services that may track the location, browser, operating system, and screen resolution of site users; however, users’ private information will not be tracked (e.g. a user’s email address). If we obtain a user’s email address, it is because a user voluntarily gave us the information through an optional newsletter subscription service. Please note: any email addresses entered through the website’s required “email” field in the comments section are not displayed publicly.

We collect information specific to individual users, like what pages consumers access or view, or information provided and volunteered by users (e.g. survey information and/or Website registrations). Collected information is used as a way to improve our Website’s content in a purely technical fashion and not with marketing intentions.

Public Information
Bittbox provides users with the ability to post, comment, etc. information that is accessible to others using the Website, often through the comment section. Comments are often publicly accessible and visible. Please understand if you post or comment on the Website, other users and visitors may collect your data and/or attempt to contact you. Bittbox is not responsible for any off-site communications that result from information you have posted or included in a comment. If you are uninterested in being contacted by other Bittbox users and visitors, we ask that you please do not provide any personal information on the BB public or comment sections, including but not limited to: email addresses, website addresses, or personal addresses. Please note: the comment field may require you to input an email address, but this will only be visible to BB website administrators. Your email address will not be visible publicly, and we will not give out or sell this information.

The Website does include advertisements from third-party advertisers. Please note: third-party advertisers featured on Bittbox may collect tracking information which varies from the tracking information explained in this Privacy Policy. The only information available to third-party advertisers for tracking is basic Website usage information. Please note: even if email addresses are provided to BB voluntarily, they will not be passed to advertisers for any reason.

Cookies are used on the Website in order to store visitor and user preferences, record information specific to BB users (such as pages accessed or visited), and in order to customize Website content applicable to the user (based on his or her browser or other information provided by the user).

Use of Information Provided By User
Information provided by users (e.g. email addresses and content within emails) are not used by the Website for marketing purposes. Your personal information is not used by subsidiary organizations or businesses related to Bittbox, unless clearly disclosed for specific situations.

Information Ownership
All communication received by Bittbox becomes Bittbox property and may be used at the Website’s discretion. This includes but is not limited to: communication used for editorial improvements and technical improvements. If such communication is used, Bittbox does not owe any form of compensation to the sender of said communications.

Information Security
Bittbox uses appropriate security measures and has measures in place for the Website’s physical facilities, facilities of our service providers, and other to protect against the loss, misuse, or alteration of information collected from you at our Website. Any information visitors or users provide is held in confidence and is used for editorial and technical improvements to the Website.

Affiliate Programs, sponsored posts, etc.
Affiliate links and/or sponsored posts can and will be used as a form of generating income to the Website. Such links and posts, as well as their appearance on Bittbox, will be determined by value to the user, rather than by commercial value. We will only promote products and services beneficial to our intended audience.

Third-party advertising
Third-party advertising is used to serve ads and collect information from Website visitors. These companies may use information (not including your name, physical address, email address, or phone number) about your visits to this Website, as well as others, as a way of providing advertisements on Bittbox, advertisements on other sites, and other forms of media that could be of interest to you. If you are interested in learning more about this practice, accessing knowledge regarding your choices, how to abstain from giving certain information to companies, etc., please visit this link.

Privacy Contact
If you feel that this Website is not following this Privacy Policy, please contact us at with your concerns.

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