What Designers Can Learn From Mom Blogs (Bonus Freebies Inside!)

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Mom Blogger
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What are mom blogs?

Most of us have found ourselves trapped in the rabbit hole of motherhood lifestyle blogs,  or “mom blogs.”

Maybe you spent time reading an inspirational adoption story; perhaps you've followed a family living off the grid.

Or maybe you're like me, and one “quick search” for coconut oil turned into thirty minutes of DIY recipes and lotions.

Why we love mom blogs

What makes these blogs so addictive? Well, unlike a business blog or marketing site, mom blogs invite us to view a stranger's life, family, and interests. What's more, they're aware of their readers and what their followers want to know.

So, what can you, a designer, learn from browsing blogs about family? (Other than how to make your own natural bug spray or gluten-free bread?)

It turns out you can learn a lot, actually. Today we're going to talk about the top 5 lessons you can take away from mom bloggers, several moms you can follow, and as promised, awesome freebie printables.

What designers can learn from mom bloggers

As creatives, it can be difficult to relate to others. Our jobs, schedules, and projects are usually atypical compared to our friends and family.

The same can be said for many bloggers. Blogs, if successful enough, can become lucrative, full-time careers. In short, blogging and design aren't your typical nine-to-fives.

However, one reason mom bloggers are so popular is that they are relatable. And this brings us to the first lesson designers can learn from moms:

1. Be relatable

If you ever browse mom blogs, you may find followers and fans opening up in the comments, often volunteering personal information.

The truth is, it would be unusual to see this kind of honesty on a design blog. That's because design blogs are typically information hubs that offer tutorials or tips, not personal stories.

While you don’t have to open up with clients or create emotionally charged content, you can create work people find relatable.

For instance, consider adding a personalized “about me” page to your portfolio to give it a human touch. Create work you're truly passionate about as a side-project.

Find ways to put yourself in your art, and it will resonate with viewers.

2. Tell a story

Another way to resonate with viewers is through storytelling. This why online recipes have anecdotes and why ads are supposed to weave a tale. Stories simply have more heart.

While mom bloggers often use their words to tell stories, designers must get a little more creative. Animation, illustration, and web design are all mediums you can use when engaging your audience.

For instance, this wallet website pairs bold web design with quality UX to share their most important story: how their wallets are different.

Another example of creative design storytelling is James Curran, an artist who creates gif stories using flat animations.

In your next project, consider how you might engage your audience with a story and what your medium of choice might be.

3. Keep it simple

When you're reading stories on mom blogs, you probably don't struggle with content. After all, you're not reading academic research; you're reading a blog entry.

Simple content is smart. (Blogs can especially benefit from easy reading, as the recommended reading level for most blogs is at the eighth grade mark.)

So, what does this tell us? Among other things, we can infer that simple content is understandable, digestible, and entertaining—all things your designs should be.

While your designs can involve high-level concept work, it's the execution of your ideas that requires simplicity. Consider, for instance, Airbnb's logo and what it represents.

The design brilliantly illustrates Airbnb's focus on connection by implementing a continuous, never-ending “A.” Think about how you can use this same level of simplicity in your own work.

4. Educate others

Educating others is often part of the mom blog experience. These blogs teach us about diets, lifestyles, decor, and basically anything we might associate with parenting.

As a designer, you can also educate others about your interests. If you enjoy writing, you could submit a tutorial or article to one of your favorite design blogs.

But that's just one way to share your skills. YouTube tutorials, guest speaking, and networking events are all ways you can educate people about your process.

5. Get creative

Creativity is important in virtually every aspect of blogging. Because of the saturated market, mom bloggers have to work hard to make their brands unique and interesting.

Designers have the exact same challenge. Graphic design is a highly competitive field, which means creativity is a must.

Consider how you can find inspiration and the artists you can learn from. Push your limits and discover how creative you can be outside your comfort zone.

List of graphic design mom blogs

Hopefully this article has encouraged you to tell creative stories in simple, relatable ways. Maybe you even feel inspired to educate others about your process.

But if you're a designer and a parent, you may be looking for something more. If you're interested in following designer parents like yourself, we've listed some graphic design mom blogs and profiles you can follow below: