How to Make a Logo: 4 Different Options

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Logo Design
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The logo is a critical aspect of any company or brand’s visual identity. Your logo will appear on your website, business cards, brochures, social media profiles, merchandise, and more. 

Creating a logo can be an intimidating process if you’ve never done it before, but thankfully there are several different options available. Whether you have thousands of dollars to spend or no money at all, you’ll be able to get a logo for your business. If you’re starting out with a very tight budget, or no budget at all, you might prefer to go with a low-cost option for now and consider a more costly and in-depth process later on when the money is available.

Here are four legit options when it comes to making a logo:

1. Design It Yourself

If you have some design skills, the first option is to create your own logo. Logos don’t have to be complex to be memorable and effective. In fact, many brands use simple text-based logos. 

Creating your own logo isn’t recommended if you have no design experience, but for those who do have some graphic design skills, this could be a viable option.

2. Use an Online Logo Maker

Another free or low-cost option is to use an online logo maker. Tools like the Wix logo maker or HubSpot logo maker provide a DIY option for people who have no design experience or background. Here are the basic steps it will lead you through:

  • You’ll enter the name of your company, the industry, and the style of logo that you want.
  • It will show you a few head-to-head comparisons of different logos and you’ll choose the one you like best in each pairing.
  • It will ask how you want to use the logo. 
  • It will produce many logo samples for you. 

You’ll see a number of different logo possibilities, and you can also generate more if you don’t like any of the logos produced. You can also customize details like colors, fonts, and icons. When you’ve got the logo the way you want it, you can make a one-time payment for the logo files or purchase the logo and a website.

3. Purchase a Logo Template

Another budget-friendly option is to buy a logo template online. You can search for and select a template that you like. The benefits of this approach include the low cost, and the ability to select a logo design that you like. The downside is that many other businesses may be using the same template, so your logo will not be unique. It’s possible that competitors in your industry could be using the same logo.

4. Hire a Designer

The last option is to hire a professional logo designer. The cost of hiring a designer will vary depending on many details. There are some designers willing to work on projects with very small budgets, and there are other graphic designers who will charge a minimum of several thousand dollars. According to ZipRecruiter, the average hourly rate for a logo designer is $29.

By hiring a designer, you’ll be able to get a custom design from a professional who will put a lot of time and effort into the creation of your logo. 

Of course, hiring a designer is the preferred option if you have thousands of dollars to spend, but that may not be the case with startups and small businesses. If you’re not in a position to afford the services of an experienced pro, you may want to go with one of the budget-friendly options for now and revisit the idea of hiring a professional later on when you’re able to spend more.

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Here are a few tips you can keep in mind during the process of creating a logo.

First, you’ll need to choose the type of logo that you want. Do you want a wordmark (a font-based logo that features the company’s name), a mascot, a symbol (like Apple’s logo), or some other type of logo? Narrowing it down to a particular type first will help to provide some direction that will make the process smoother.

Keep It Simple

The most effective logos are simple. There’s no need for anything complex. Even a basic text-based logo is a legit option. 

Keeping it simple is great if you’re taking a DIY approach, but even if you’re hiring a professional designer, the simple approach works. Simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy to design, so there’s still a place for pro designers.

Go With Something Versatile

Because your logo is likely to be used in so many different ways, it’s best to have a logo that’s versatile. Make sure that your logo works well in color and black and white, because it will likely appear in both ways. You may also consider alternate variations of your logo for different situations. For example, maybe you use a symbol by itself for square or circle images on social platforms, but your website header includes the symbol plus text. Versatility is always a good thing.

Final Thoughts

Your company’s logo is a critical part of your branding efforts. Be sure that you’re putting some thought and effort into the creation of your logo, regardless of what budget you’re working with.