30 Illustrated Logos & Branding Designs

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Company branding affects every area of design including print and digital work. Hand-drawn illustration is a magnificent tool for building recognizable branding within a particular business. Although it is more of a complicated skillset, your design work will improve dramatically if you just keep practicing.

This gallery includes 30 outstanding illustrated branding concepts you can study and utilize for your own work. Each of these examples demonstrate finished pieces and how your designs should look as a result. Check out a few designs and see if any illustrated styles can spark your creative engines.

Showcase of Illustrated Logos and Branding

Presto Magic Club

presto magic club logo

Pirate's Treasure

pirate treasure illustration logo

Alabama Honey

alabama honey illustration

Laundry Service

illustration service artwork


simple typography abc logo

HW Comics

hw comics logo design

Mountain Home

mountain home logo illustration

Acid Cloud

yellow illustration acid cloud logo

Machin Machine

machin machine restaurant logo

Blue Marble Brands

blue marble brands illustration

Sips & Cigars

sips and cigars logo illustration

Shiny Objects Limited

shiny objects limited

Deal Snitch

deal snitch illustration logo


dominate halloween logo illustration

Imperial Insignia

imperial logo mark branding

Dine & Drawn

dine and draw charlotte

Goodbits Sticker

goodbits sticker concept illustration

Club Sandwich

club sandwich logo illustration

Devil's Dive

devil's dive logo illustration

Fitness Trainer

fitness trainer logo

Coca-Cola Truck It

coke truck it branding

Waves of Grace

waves of grace water illustration


creepy tees logo

Les Dragons Nains

les dragons nains logo illustration

Brothers and Robbers

brothers robbers logo circular

Eko Cvetko

visual identity eko cvetko fruits

Art Smart

art smart thin illustration

Beaver's Tail

beaver tail logo illustration

The Costume Effect

costume effect typography logo


air kitty texture logo