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10 Freebies To Make Your Life Easier And Your Work Better

What’s better than pancakes on Sunday? Freebies! Okay, not if it is Nutella pancakes.

We’ve rounded up a list of 10 freebies that will be a perfect weekend gift for any designer. The resources would cut your work down in half and enhance the way you build a website, element by element.

Grab these and steer ahead of the herd!

7 Ways to Make Your Website More Usable

Most designers have a romanticized vision of the website they set out to create. From a designing perspective, they want to create a marvel but a website – besides being visually appealing – should also (and most importantly) be functional. Utilitarian should be the principle all websites be based on because unless your users find it easy to navigate and functional, even the most stellar of the websites would serve no purpose.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get the best of both worlds. With design resources like the ones you find in this freebie, you can create a usable and functional website without compromising on the feel of it. The 7 PSD templates comprise of all the main functions a website generally has – from the drop down menus to login forms, you can now do away with the old and boring and use something better and more functional.

Download this instantly and you’d find repeated usage for this.


Break – A Modern Free Font

There are certain parameters when you choose a font, you have to take into account the readability of it plus if it complements the theme of your website. Most designers don’t give this any consideration, and which is why a lot of websites have horrible font choices.

While agreed, that you can pick one from a vast list but have you even considered that suggesting your client to choose a certain font because it adds to their brand value would actually earn you brownie points, and maybe a little bonus? Certain fonts look and read good, but certain go above that, like Break – the font perfectly complements a high-end website that deals with fashion or luxury.

The font can be customized as per bold, semi-bold, regular, light, and extra light, giving you freedom to use this differently for different projects.


105 Editable Call To Action Buttons

Buttons are imperative on every website. Seriously, whether it’s an e-commerce or an informative website, a CTA (Call to Action) button has to be there, that’s what people would click on, that’s how conversions happen.

While CTA buttons are important, it’s also important to play around a bit with them, if you want to be different from the competition at least. This set of 105 editable CTA buttons is a great resource to have, you can cherry-pick one for different types of websites. These are editable, use texts and colors that blend with the color scheme of a website and add to the overall look.


Create your custom login in minutes without any coding skills

How much attention does the login page get? Probably as much as Ron did from Hermione but he did end up playing a major part right? Login pages are a major part of your website, which although mightn’t be the shiny attractive part but are what keeps the show running.

Custom login pages, the ones that are creatively done and bear a sense of quirkiness adds to the brand value and may even help in customer relationship building. Your website visitors might get a chuckle or two out of it or simply see a refreshing change in your website being different than the others.

Besides designers, even webmasters can themselves create a custom login page in a minute and without any prior coding skills. The plugin is easy to work with, and there’s a demo video too that you can watch to get a better idea.


Beautiful Macro Photography Techniques E-Books

Images don’t just inch up the aesthetics of a website but also break the monotony of text and lend to the context. The type of generic images that you source from royalty free websites don’t lack the personal touch to it and getting a professionally clicked one can cost you a bomb.

However, if you know the basics of a DSLR and can work your way around it, you can learn how to create stunning images in the macro format that would give the website a unique touch. This is a great revenue generator too and clients actually pay a lot for good images.

The cost of becoming an expert in macro photography? Zero! Get this e-book for free and double up as a professional photographer.


Bundle of Free Photoshop Actions for Sports Effect

Designers and professional photographers alike are hard-pressed for time. With so many projects in line and the pressure to develop superior results every single time, you need all the help you can. If you work with a lot of images, and edit them regularly too, here’s a set of Photoshop Actions that will make your work quicker and enhance it as well.

Photoshop Actions are a series of recorded steps that you take to transform an image. It could range from the basic steps like adjusting contrast and RGB to more advanced ones that truly and dramatically change the face of your image. Working on a sports-related website or social page, this set of Actions are specifically made to alter and modify sports images to the best possible version of it.

These Actions are compatible with most versions – from CS3 to CC – and comprise of 8 – 12 elements.


5 Social Media Mistakes That Are Killing Your Brand

Social media optimization should be an important part of your overall content strategy. Your audience is active on most major social media platforms, almost through the day. Plus you can maximize reach by pushing out content and promotional material to your followers on social media.

And yet a lot of websites don’t give this the importance it deserves. You have to work this onto your overall strategy, and the first step to it is making social sharing quick and easy. There are times when readers don’t even read the entire piece or watch the video but they feel others should, which is why something like floating social share buttons could get you more shares and hence higher visibility.

This plugin takes care of your social sharing needs by making it ready for sharing across platforms. You also have the freedom to restrict or promote a certain page or post and make it theme-complementing.


Free UI Kit to Tantalize Your Shopping or Social website

UI kits are an indispensible item in every designer’s toolbox, you need these to cut down on time and make your work stand out. Cut down your work time by almost half with a UI kit. If you’re designing an e-commerce website or a social one, this UI kit would be a saving grace.

The retina-ready UI kit has scalable Vector graphics and layered PSD files. It is extremely easy to work with and adds to the clickable value. Build a website that users would love and click with and in no time, the UI kit is a must-have for every designer.


Create A Photography Website That Works For You

Photographers click exceptional photos but they lack the basics of setting up a website that would get the money flowing in. Impress your clients and fans alike by building a website that not only is a stage for your work but also a sales pitch. And no, it’s not rocket science.

This e-book, which you can score for free shows you everything about making a photography website that stands apart. Understand how to build a photo website that is an extension of who you are, you don’t pick from something available but create a website that matches your style, how cool is that! Plus choose how to display your photos, how to use videos to your advantage, and how to do the sales part of it. The e-book is a goldmine of information for any photographer looking to have a strong web presence.


7 Good reasons to grab these free icons

Icons might be a nondescript element on your page, they are however, undeniably important. From breaking the monotone to explaining a lengthy process through a pictorial representation, icons are also fun to work with. Use these on websites, presentations, and manuals.

And stock up on as many varied sets of icons you can, you never know when you find a need for even the most peculiar of them.


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