5 Simple Fabric Photoshop Brushes

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5 Simple Fabric Brushes

This collection of five subtle hi-res fabric brushes will add some natural surfacing to your work. Each brush is 2500×2500.

These can be used to add soft grunge look to the overall image and help you stabilize the different colors. These fabrics look so neat, clean and natural that you can easily use them in your work and get the most out of it. These fabric brushes are of extremely high-quality and you will be able to achieve more natural and sound colors in the picture. If you are worried about the background, quality of texture, quality and strength of colors in the picture, imbalanced contrast or any such other aspect then it will be appropriate for you to use such high-resolution fabric brushes. Bright to slightly-dark to medium-dark to dark colors are available for the use. These fabric brushes can save much of your time and effort working on the different settings and customizations to manage the contrast and other such customizations properly. If you are unable to achieve the desired results while working in different settings and customizations, it is the time to use these fabric brushes.

The fabric brushes require the intense deal of quality and high-resolution to make the fabric look clear and nice. You can use the fabric brushes in your work if you are looking to add some quality and high-resolution to your work. These fabric brushes can also be used if you are looking to add some soft texture to your work.


Fabric Brushes 1
Fabric Brushes 2
Fabric Brushes 3
Fabric Brushes 4
Fabric Brushes 5


Simple Fabric Photoshop Brushes