How to Create Bullet Points in Adobe Photoshop

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How to Create Bullet Points in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is such a comprehensive and universal design software that it provides you with hundreds of tools to carry out any design-related task. There are many ways to achieve the same result.

Typography plays a crucial role in achieving the desired goals with many designs. Whether it's a social media post, the cover of books or booklets, presentations, a magazine cover, or podcast cover art, Photoshop has proven itself to be the best in the market.

However, when it comes to dealing with large text blocks and large paragraphs, some important features seem to be missing in Photoshop. Thankfully, these tasks can still be achieved with some workarounds.

One of these tasks is to create Bullet Points in Photoshop. Although there's no specific way to create bullet points, we can still create them using some different not-so-obvious methods. In this tutorial, we'll go through these methods to make bullet points while working in Photoshop.

Methods to Create Bullet Points in Photoshop

Here are four different and quick methods to create bullet points in Adobe Photoshop. you can try these all one by one and master the one that seems the best fit for you.

1. Bullet Points with ‘Wingdings'

Although some of the typography-related tasks in designs can be done only by the built-in fonts in Photoshop, we can still import as many fonts as we like to achieve our desired designs with typography. Similarly, we can import fonts that include only symbols rather than the alphabet. This way, you can get your custom-made bullet points in Photoshop canvases.

Adding fonts to Photoshop is easy. And Photoshop also comes with some built-in fonts that include symbols. This font is known as ‘Wingdings'. To create bullet points, let's see how this font works.

Open your design where you want to create the bullet points. I've just created a blank document, as shown below.

New document in Photoshop

Now, select the Type Tool from the Tool Panel / Tool Bar.

Photoshop's Type Tool

Now, click anywhere on the canvas where you want to add the bullet point. You can also create a text box on the canvas by clicking and dragging while your Type Tool is active. While your text tool is active, go above the options bar of the type tool to change the font style.

Options for the type tool

Next, change the font style from the already selected font to Wingdings.

Selecting the Wingding font

Once you have selected the font Wingdings, now you can type anything to achieve different symbols on your canvas. The basic bullet point in this font comes out as you press the “L” key from your keyboard.

Creating a bullet point in Photoshop

Similarly, you can get the following related symbols by pressing, M, N, O, A, B, C, D, E, and F, respectively.

Other symbols from Wingdings

Note: The symbols shown in the above screenshot are achieved by typing the lowercase letter. You will achieve the different symbols when you type the uppercase letters.

In this straightforward way, you can make a bullet point in Photoshop. And if you want to change the colors of your bullet points, you can change them the same way you would change the color of your text int eh Photoshop.

2. Bullet Points with the Keyboard Shortcut

The keyboard shortcut is the quickest method to make a bullet point in Photoshop. the shortcut seems a bit complicated, but it works. If you are comfortable using the shortcut, then you can go with this quick method.

To make it work, you first need to open the design file in Photoshop and have your Type Tool activated using the same method that has been told in the previous method.

Using the type tool

With your type tool active, simply use the shortcut, “Alt + 0 + 1 + 4 + 9” (For Windows) or “Opt + 8” (For Mac). You'll see that you get a bullet point on your canvas.

Black bullet point created in Photoshop

3. Bullet Points with the Copy and Paste Method

The two methods that have been mentioned above are good. But to achieve the bullet points constantly, you need to keep changing the fonts repeatedly in the Wingdings method, and in the shortcut method, you will need to use both of your hands every time you intend to get the bullet point.

To solve this problem, there's another method to easily create bullet points on your canvas. And that is to copy the bullet points from any text or document and paste it on the canvas of Photoshop. For copy and paste, you can use the shortcuts, Control + C and Control + V, respectively (for PC), or Command+C and Command+V (for Mac).

It's not compulsory to copy and paste the whole text with bullet points, you can just copy the single bullet point from anywhere and paste it every time in your text when you get to need a new bullet.

4. Bullet Points with Glyphs

Apart from all the above methods of creating the bullet points, there's another easy method through which you can access all bullet points in a single window, And that's the Glyphs Panel.

After you've opened your design document in Photoshop and have the Type Tool activated, you can move to the next step to get your bullet points.

Using the type tool

Now, to open the Glyphs panel, go to, “Window > Glyphs” by going over to the Menu Bar.

Opening the glyphs panel

A panel or window will get opened, named Glyphs.

The options in the glyphs panel

You should know that every Photoshop built-in font comes with special symbols and icons. The options that appeared on the Glyphs panel will contain the font type, which means that you can use the symbols, icons, or bullet points of the same fonts you are writing your text with. It depends on you whether to use the bullets in the same font or a different font.

Note: Other fonts that you install may or may not include symbols.

Here, I've selected the Wingdings font, knowing that it already comes with symbols and various icons. Make sure that ‘Entire Font' is selected in the dropdown. This allowsyou to see all the symbols and icons that come with the font.

The entire font

Now, you can go through all the font elements in the Glyphs panel and look for the bullet point you are looking for. As you like any bullet point on the Panel and intend to add that to your canvas, you Double Click on that, and in no time, the bullet point will be added to your canvas.

Creating a bullet point glyph

In this way, you can add any bullet point from the panel. And if you want to change the color of this bullet point, you can change it the same way as you change the text color.

So, in these ways, you can create bullet points for your texts in Adobe Photoshop.

Final Thoughts on Creating Bullet Points in Photoshop

Although there's no obvious method to add bullet points to your text in Adobe Photoshop, you can still add them using these different approaches. You're a designer, and as a designer, you're a problem solver. Thus, there could be a lot of methods to create bullet points in Adobe Photoshop. You just need to find the best way through which you can achieve the result you are looking for.