How to Remove the Perspective Grid in Adobe Illustrator

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Perspective Grid in Illustrator

When it comes to creating 3D graphics and objects in Adobe Illustrator that need vanishing points, the “Perspective Grid” tool is extremely helpful. It proves to be the best tool for making changes in an existing object or creating new ones.

You might be struggling with removing the Perspective Grid after completing your drawings, as you don’t want it to bother the finished work. For beginner designers, getting rid of Perspective Grid proves to be more difficult than adding it to the drawings.

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Note: The perspective grid will not be visible on the saved artwork. However, removing it is helpful because it gets in the way once you no longer need it.

How to Remove the Perspective Grid in Illustrator

Here are three methods you can use to remove the Perspective Grid easily.

1. Shortcut Method

Shortcut method for MAC:
The simplest way to quickly remove the Perspective Grid on a Mac is the “Escape” key.
Furthermore, you can use also use the shortcut “Shift + Command + I.”

Shortcut method for WINDOWS:
In Windows too, the quickest and simplest way to remove the Perspective Grid is the “Escape” key.
Moreover, you can also use the shortcut “Shift + Control + I” to remove the grid.

Apart from using your keyboard to remove the Perspective Grid with shortcut keys, you can also turn it off just by using the mouse without even touching the keyboard.

2. X-ing Out

To remove the grid, make certain that the “Perspective Grid Tool” is active. You can activate this tool by selecting the “Perspective Grid Tool” icon from the toolbar.

Perspective Grid Tool in Adobe Illustrator

You can also select the tool by using the shortcut “Shift + P.”

After selecting the tool, click on the small “x” on the grid icon. And you’ve successfully removed the Perspective Grid.

X to close the perspective grid

3. Hide Grid

Another way you can use to remove the “Perspective Grid” is by hiding it through the Menu Bar.

You simply go to ‘View’ on your Menu Bar, then go to the ‘Perspective Grid.’

View Perspective Grid

Then, click on ‘Hide Grid’ to get rid of the Perspective Grid. If you want to turn it ON again, you can simply click on the ‘Show Grid’.

View > Perspective Grid > Hide Grid

Hide Grid

Congratulations! You've just learned some quick methods of hiding the Perspective Grid in Illustrator.