Free Vector Swooshes, and Fancy Corner Designs.

by Jay Hilgert
on February 19, 2007

In a previous post, I described in detail how to make these shapes on your own. Because so many of you responded to my “Fancy Headers” post with questions about how I made those designs, I’m going to give you my source files that inspired those designs. Not only is this an example of what you can do by reading my tutorial on custom swooshes, It also answers your questions about how my fancy vector headers were born. And if this is your first time to visit BittBox, after reading this and the 2 posts mentioned above, you should be well on your way to customizing and/or creating your own one-of-a-kind decorative swoosh and curl designs in no time, in 100% vector format.

Fancy Vector Corners

Fancy Vector Corners


Includes: – AI (2) EPS (2) SVG (2)

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