Free Vector Glass Header Designs – Fancy

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Here are 10 free fancy vector glass header designs I came up with to share with everyone. Files are in AI, EPS, and SVG format. To customize, you will need a graphics editor such as Adobe Illustrator, or InkScape (free).

Free Vector Fancy Glass Headers - swirls and swooshes

I would like to clear up a little confusion with this post: These Files are FREE. Some of you were confused because I stated that “You may, under no circumstance, redistribute these files” (I already removed this statement, as well as the readme file in all of my downloads). What I meant by that is: You may not rehost my original zip file on your own site, and offer my files as a download, as if you created the files yourself, that's all. Every single file I offer is completely and utterly free. You may use them however you see fit. Use them as is, modify them, put them in your new software app. Hell, use them as part of a logo! I don't care, as long as you don't re-gift them. I'm tired of an Ugly internet, so I decided to flood it as best as I can on my spare time, with some good shit. I hope that clears things up. And thank All of you for the kind reviews and comments, your feedback is priceless to me. Cheers ~BittBox.

Customizing tip: I create most of my files around 460px wide for blogging purposes, so most of you will want to resize them. In fact, there is no way I could create a file set that is right for everyone in the first place. If you are wanting to scale these in Illustrator (sorry, I don't use InkScape), Use the Direct Select tool, the “White Arrow” to select the points on one side and drag the points themselves, leaving the points on the other side intact. If you use the black arrow to scale, you will notice distortion in your corners.

Download: Vector Glass Headers