5 Elements of the Best WordPress Themes for New Websites

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Designing a WordPress website offers plenty of flexibility to create a unique user experience. Some designers complain that WordPress can limit their productivity. However, if you have the core design elements in your theme, you should be able to achieve your client’s desired look and feel of the site. It should help them deliver content, sell top products or attract new customers. Since we need to make our clients happy on a regular basis, you should know some of the most important elements that make up the best WordPress themes. Keep reading to find out what to include in your own WordPress themes.

Utilize Best WordPress Theme Templates

When you set out to create a new WordPress design, you should be able to find an existing WordPress template that is similar to your client expectations. You can start with free or paid WordPress theme templates. These can be found on all different platforms, including theme marketplaces or the WordPress community. Using theme templates gives you the flexibility to add or customize an existing framework. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel by writing code for functionality and structure that already exists. Moreover, you will still have the ability to customize the design elements as much as required.

Focus On The Website Content

The best WordPress themes have a high level of focus on the website content. Too many designers get caught up with the add-ons, features and functionality. The main purpose of design is to make sure the content is presented in a professional and accessible way. You should include starter content in your WordPress theme. The content should be relevant enough to the client’s needs that they can really understand how the site would look for them. On top of that, starter content requires less customization and work for clients when they install a WordPress theme. From the start, their website will look presentable and they can make small changes along the way. Make website content a primary focus if you would like to create a quality designed theme.

Develop A Responsive WordPress Design

A responsive WordPress design allows your theme to display properly on a range of devices. As you may know, a high percentage of internet users access websites using their mobile devices. These include screen sizes ranging from the smallest smartphones to large tablets. If your client wants to look professional across many devices, you should implement a responsive design in your WordPress theme. While it may take you some extra time to implement the responsive code, it will be worthwhile to create a better experience for your client’s users.

Choose A Relevant Font-Family

Another important factor to consider, the best WordPress themes have relevant font families. Choose a font-family that is relevant to the industry of your client. For example, you might have a creative professional with a bold or modern font style. Meanwhile, a tech startup might have a light and minimalistic font family. Depending on what type of branding identity your client has, you need to include the relevant font styles. Or, you can give them a choice of which ones they would like. With one or two complementing font families, your client’s theme will take on of the most important elements for a top WordPress theme design.

Optimize Images In The Theme

Additionally, your theme images need to be optimized similar to how the best WordPress themes include theme. Since website speed is a concern for clients and users alike, optimize image sizes. Whether it is a feature slider image of a new product line review or a scaling background image, pay attention to every pixel size. Especially if your client doesn’t have the best hosting package, the image optimization on the theme could have a major impact on user experience. Ensure that your images are loading quickly and smoothly to have one of the best WordPress themes around.

These design elements will help you create a WordPress theme that is on par with some of the best ones out there. If possible, start with a WordPress template. Make the content the primary focus and priority of the website. Then, develop the responsive functionality of the theme so that it is accessible and easy to use for mobile visitors. More so, the best WordPress themes have highly relevant font families and optimized images. They create the best user experience for visitors and make your clients look very professional.