20 Free Responsive and Mobile Website Templates

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Are you worried about your user experience when someone visits your website from their mobile device? Solve the problem by using HTML5 and CSS3 Responsive templates. Here we have collected the 30 best responsive web templates which are 100% FREE from sites like Themezy and W3Layouts.  They are free to download and free to use for any purpose without any limitations or obligations. So, download the templates, start a new website, or make your existing website responsive and mobile friendly. If you don’t find any templates you like here, you can search Themezy for more Free Responsive Website Templates.

More than half of the people in the world are using the mobile device so it becomes essential for the large companies and other brands to make their website mobile-friendly so as to bring in more traffic to the web pages. Mobile-friendly sites serve for SEO purposes very well. Mobile-friendly sites mold to be used on different platforms very well and they can cater large pieces of information in such a way that it becomes really easy to visualize them on all the different platforms.

WebWorld Corporate Flat Responsive Template

Demo | Download

web world

The template has an equally great view of all the different platforms and the template functions to provide an equally great view in the landscape as well as portrait form.

Flat UI Kit Responsive Template

Demo | Download

Flat UI Kit

The website template has a lot of widgets and sidebars on both sides to cater on the small mobile screen but the web developer has managed it nicely to cater all the things together in a perfectly well-managed space.

Mode Blogging Responsive Template

Demo | Download

Mode Blogging Template

Corporate websites have a lot of content to showcase on the homepage such as testimonials and social media icons for the promotion so the web designer has catered all the things in a perfect order with perfect placements.

TravelMedia Travel Agency Responsive Web Template

Demo | Download

Travel Media

All the sub-categories have been nicely converted into a lateral pattern and speed of the website has not been affected.

Mobile Cloud App Responsive Template

Demo | Download

Mobile Cloud Responsive Template

The homepage contains the video and other bulky content but the designer has managed the layout as well as all the other things nicely to display it properly in all the platforms.

LaunchPad Product Showcase Responsive Template

Demo | Download

Launch Pad Product Showcase

The layout of the website is nicely fit to screen on all the platforms available. The e-commerce stores are becoming the popular online business, therefore, it is essential to ensure that e-commerce stores are clearly visible on all the platforms available.

LimeLight Design Studio Responsive Template

Demo | Download

Lime Light Design Studio Template

The sub-categories have been displayed nicely on all the platforms and there is a great neat and clearly visible available on all the different platforms.

Metro UI kit web elements Flat Responsive Template

Demo | Download

Metro UI Kit

The smaller the screen, the more difficult it becomes to display all the content with a platform of small width as there is barely no space to display the sidebars.

HostCompare Cloud web Hosting Flat Responsive Template

Demo | Download

Host Compare

The videos are usually customized to full screens when displaying such kind of visual content on the small screens. Every small detail has been customized nicely to be displayed on the different platforms available.

Coming Soon Responsive web Template

Demo | Download

Coming Soon Template

All the web layouts are displayed at their best on all the different kind of platforms available.

Classic a Blog Responsive Template

Demo | Download


The PC and Ipad screens have a little difference while displaying large chunks of information while mobile screens have the information molded in the smartest way possible.

WebWorld Corporate Flat Responsive Template

Demo | Download

Web World Corporate Template

There can be a lot of smart ways to display different pieces of information in a smaller width and in either landscape or lateral form. You can also come up with a large number of such examples to derive more ways to cater the information in small spaces available.

Brighton Wedding Website Responsive Web Template

Demo | Download

Brighton Wedding Template

The web designers convert them into the mobile version in the formatted version so each version performs at its best on all the versions available.

4Pets Animals Responsive web Template

Demo | Download

4 Pets Animals Template

Each piece of information including the main gallery, pictures, text, header, footer, main menus, and all the other information is scripted nicely so as all the functions of the websites can run properly in cooperation with each other.

AppStore Mobile App Flat Responsive Template

Demo | Download

App Store Template

Large and small sized images are displayed proportionally to their sizes on the other platforms and every bit of information is nicely composed so it does not loose its value.

AutoSwift Ecommerce Responsive web Template

Demo | Download

Auto Swift Ecommerce Template

In large screens, things can be displayed side-by-side but you have to display all the things laterally one after the other in small screens.

Enginery Industry website template

Demo | Download

Enginery Website Template

Sometimes, the things appear to be more beautiful and enchanting on the large screens and sometimes it may appear very boring on the short and lateral screens. But, web designer ensures that everything works properly and in timely fashion.

Naturex Spa Responsive  Website Template

Demo | Download

Naturex Spa Website Template

The sequence must not be disturbed and it should be made sure that all the information is displayed precisely and the viewers grasps most of the information in the first sight whether it is large screen or small screen.

Retina Corporate Responsive Template

Demo | Download

Retina Corporate Template

Some of the corporate and portfolio websites are enriched with a lot of images, colorful categories, and other useful content so it must be made sure that the whole layout contains the content in perfect collaboration.

Modern Architecture Responsive Website Template

Demo | Download

Modern Architecture Template

The large and wide-angle images are covered nicely and precisely on the small screens so as to make the whole website more responsive and function properly.

Free Responsive Website Template for Mechanics

Demo | Download

Free Template for Mechanics

Due to the decrease in width, the excess information is covered in lateral fashion and size of the fonts and other images are proportional to the fonts and images on the other platforms. There has been a lot of customization done in the syntax to speed up the whole website.

Start Up Business Free Responsive Website Template

Demo | Download

Start Up Businesses Website Template

All the categories have been displayed in bold manner on all the different platforms and all of these web designs are really unique to entertain the viewers visting on all the different sorts of platforms.