How can the performance monitoring software boost the productivity of the factory?

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Performance Monitoring Software
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The productivity of the factory depends not only on the machines but also on their efficient management. To improve it, it's worth introducing a performance monitoring software. How can your company benefit from it?

Production management requires a lot of logistics and synchronization. Any mistake or defect on the production line can cost a lot, just like a drop in productivity. Without appropriate tools, identifying these issues on time is extremely challenging. Fortunately, modern technology offers digital solutions that facilitate monitoring in factories to avoid financial loss and find new ways to boost productivity.

Which performance monitoring software to choose?

The performance monitoring software is offered online in the SaaS model. Open-source software will most likely not guarantee enough safety and insight – it's better to choose a subscription or order a custom development of dedicated software that goes in line with the specifics of a particular factory. Whichever option you choose, by introducing the performance monitoring software, you can increase the volume of production and machine availability – and that's just the beginning of the list of benefits.

The performance monitoring software as a way to collect all the data in one place

The software facilitates the processing and administration of the data obtained from the machines. Since it's accessible within one platform, it's much easier to analyze and draw conclusions regarding the possible improvements. The software provides stats and charts that outline the flow of different processes.

The performance monitoring software as a tool to handle defects

Thanks to the defect handling function, it's much easier to identify the repeating issues and solve them. Each defect is notified in the software that then generates the reports on this basis.

OEE analysis as a tool to measure the efficiency of the innovations

The OEE (overall equipment efficiency) indicator consists of three markers: availability, efficiency, and quality. It's worth choosing software that enables the authorized users to select the OEE calculation method corresponding with the specifics of the factory.

The introduction of the performance monitoring software is often the first step in the digital transformation for the companies from the production sector. Such a platform facilitates seeing the big picture and automates many processes that are inefficient when performed manually. 

Often, the performance management functions are a part of a bigger whole. That's how it is with Ant, which offers additional solutions such as Manufacturing Execution System or Energy Monitoring System, and much more.