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5 Brilliant Social Media Marketing Tools to Up Your Visual Game

Are there social media marketing tools I can use for free?

Images form a critical part of social media marketing. Anyone who works in social media knows posts with visuals are shared more, catch more attention, and remain on people’s minds longer. But not all social media marketers are skilled in graphic design.

The good news? You don’t have to be. Now is the best time to be a social media marketer, because there are so many Saas tools and resources on the internet that can simplify your job. This is a list of five brilliant social media marketing tools that can transform your visual content.


social media marketing tools

Vectors are the basic building blocks included on most traditional visual formats, like infographics, videos, or posters. Vecteezy is an online vector repository and editing tool that helps you create, edit, and source vectors to fit your design plan.

When conceptualizing infographics or posters that need vectors, it’s useful to have a tool that can help you create anything, effortlessly. The alternative would be spending a lot of time browsing through existing vectors, to find the one that exactly matches what you're imagining.

You can even use Vecteezy to upload a close match, thenchange its colors or dimensions to fit your intended design.


social media marketing tools

Most marketers approach social media scheduling and content creation as separate tasks, but DrumUp enables you to manage both on the same, easy-to-use platform.

Apart from keyword based content curation, RSS feed aggregation, and custom post scheduling, DrumUp also lets you curate fun GIFs from GIPHY and add emojis to your content when scheduling them.

GIFs and emojis are well received by social media users. Unfortunately, many marketers and social media managers miss the chance to use these elements when implementing scheduling software. On DrumUp, you can easily add emojis and GIFs when scheduling posts.


What are some good social media marketing resources?

If you have vectors, text, and concrete visual elements, you may find yourself needing a place to put them together; Canva offers a great solution. The Canva platform offers canvases of various sizes and background templates that will greatly simplify your tasks.

Canva has backdrops specific to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so you can use images for posts and cover photos. It also lets you add text, work with different font styles, and edit basic characteristics (like contrast and brightness) of uploaded visual objects.

The editing features available are easy-to-use, (unlike Photoshop) and can help you quickly turn ideas into finished social media posts.


Where can I find free images for social media?

The impact of visuals on social media depends on how eye catching, alluring, and impressionable they are. That being said, average, unremarkable images won’t earn you much attention on social media, where your posts compete with thousands of other, potentially brilliant pieces of content.

UnSplash is a HD photograph repository that attracts some of the best, amateur talent in photography. While the visuals there aren’t as well organized or diverse as the ones on some other websites, they are arguably more artistic and appealing.

The photographs available on UnSplash are free for use with attribution, making Unsplash one of the best social media marketing tools in our list.


Social media marketing tools for quotes

Quotes are fiercely popular on social media. There are at least two heavily used hashtags dedicated to them – #MondayMotivation and #WednesdayWisdom, if not more.

While simple text covers of quotes also get attention on Twitter or Facebook, it’s the ones accompanied by visuals that really catch on.

Recite is one the quickest ways for a social media manager to create quote covers. The tool also lets you share them directly to your social accounts once you’re done. The design process on this tool is simple; you enter your text, choose from a range of visual previews, and hit return.


Visuals are a social media marketing imperative, but few of them work in the favor of the marketers who create them. This could be because not every social media manager is visually skilled, or because so few of them use the resources available to them.

This post describes five great social media marketing tools that you could use to excel at visual marketing, so what are you waiting for? Give them a whirl and share your experience.

Disha Dinesh is content strategist at DrumUp, a social media management and content marketing platform like Hootsuite, but with varied features. When she’s not writing or wrinkling her eyebrows in thought, she’s foot-tapping to the latest in progressive music.

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