Learning the Ins and Outs of Pixelo.Net

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“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

The use of imagination for a design project requires you to think outside the box. Thankfully, the internet is overfull with such unique designs, themes, and styles. Most of them are available at budget-friendly rates. One resource that many experienced designers recommend is Pixelo.

About Pixelo

Pixelo is a platform that provides complete design bundles and toolkits. It is specifically created with graphic designers and creatives in mind. With Pixelo, you can find the best design assets. These resources help in producing unique graphic arts and beautiful patterns. The use of these resources improves and speeds up the design process. Pixelo aims to make the lives of designers easier. It provides high-quality assets made of love and passion by the top designers around the globe.

Pixelo also provides:

Amazing Deals

For a limited time, the platform offers big discounts (70%-95%) on various design assets.

Effortless Save and Download Options

As soon as you purchase a bundle, the download link will forever be available on your account. You can redownload it anytime you want without losing any of your files.

Handpicked Design Assets

The team chooses designs based on their quality, patterns, and trends. All bundles are well-curated to ensure that you – and every other client – can find design assets that you specifically need.

Design Updates

The platform is a hub for design geeks and experts who keep design resources and trends up to date.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

You can contact the Pixelo customer support within a month of the purchase for a refund. The money back guarantee is available if you provide a good reason why you're unsatisfied with the bundle.

Outstanding Customer Support

If you have difficulties using your bundle, you can speak to a Pixelo representative. S/he will be happy to help you solve your product-related problems.

If you are searching for design assets that can help you produce unique outputs, Pixelo is what you need. It is created to accommodate the needs of design companies and independent designers. Design-wise, those needs include getting high-quality assets at cost-effective rates.

Pixelo offers bundles that are carefully chosen to help you save time and money. The thing is because the designs are deal-based, they are only available for a limited time frame. So, if you miss a deal, it's gone forever. That is why Pixelo encourages users to subscribe to their emails. Through their email updates, you can keep abreast with the new bundles and trends available.

Pixelo Design Bundles

A design bundle from Pixelo may include fonts, graphics, brushes, textures, and actions. The variety gives you numerous design options and combinations. These options are easily incorporated into any design project. Each bundle can help you shape your work to be a masterpiece while saving a lot of time and resources.

The range of fonts available offers diversity and a unique look and feel to your work. Also, choosing graphics that will work best for your project is a non-issue. Each Pixelo bundle offers different textures, vectors, brush strokes, and actions. The quality of each design asset is unrivaled. The products help both skilled and amateur design professionals make one-of-a-kind graphic designs.

Each bundle provides you with:

  • A selection of products that are handpicked based on their quality and trend.
  • One-time buying convenience. This enables you to download the resources as often as you need to. To do this, use the download link posted to your Pixelo account.
  • Security on all your files.
  • Regular updates on the latest design developments and trends.
  • Sources closely related to modern design.
  • Round-the-clock customer support.
  • A comprehensive guide in PDF format.

Pixelo’s graphic bundles are great for enhancing a marketing strategy. This is particularly helpful in social media marketing. The visuals can attract more people. They can make the campaign or project stand out from the competition. The graphics also work well with email marketing. Emails with visuals get more click than those without graphics.

Pixelo Affiliate Program

To earn extra cash, you may join the Pixelo Affiliate Program. Through your referrals, you can receive up to 30% to 75% commission on any bundle you've recommended. To register for the platform's affiliate program, go to this page. Set up an account. The Pixelo team will consider your application. If approved, you'll receive your affiliate account details with a custom referral link.

To enjoy the 30% to 75% commission on any product sales tracked using your custom referral link, make sure to:

  • Have a working PayPal account so that you can receive your commissions. Your affiliate revenue will be paid within five days of the transaction month's end or a month after the elapsed affiliate sales.
  • Have an active website. You also need a working social media account (Facebook or Twitter) to post your referral link.

Pixelo Rate and Discount

Pixelo's bundles are budget-friendly. Moreover, the design resource frequently offers substantial discount rates. Some of their bundles are also available for free. You can take advantage of these without compromising the quality of the graphics. But, bear in mind that the deals are for a limited period only.

Current Bundles

The current design bundle available is The Classy Fonts Bundle. The deal ends until the end of the month (May 2018). This package includes a variety of high-quality fonts. They range from the display and hand-drawn, to script and so much more.

Each font is handpicked to help you elevate your designs. The font bundle includes different styles of font, too: formal, fun, frivolous, and more. With the Classy bundle, you can create hundreds of designs with varying styles. It's a wise investment every designer and creative person should get.

The Classy Font Bundle consists of 51 beautiful fonts. It's put together with lots of alternate characters and styles, making it a total of 144 fonts. It also includes commercial licenses, lifetime download access, and quick customer support. The bundle is worth $800, but you can get a 96% discount if you purchase it through Pixelo. That means you’re only paying $29 for the entire collection.

Pixelo Freebies

Here are some design bundles available for free:

131 Hand Drawn Brushes Free Pack

This pack is perfect for you if you’re looking for high-quality, detailed, and realistic paint brushes. The free bundle offers 131 brushes. The kit is ideal for illustrators, designers, calligraphers, and hobbyists.

Free Neon Photoshop Text Effect

Designers can turn any text into a neat neon-styled form using this free neon text effect bundle. Just type the text and click the font. The rest will be automatically handled using Photoshop's smart object feature.

West Side Free Font

This free font bundle is inspired by handmade posters and illustrations in the '80s. It's a block-styled handmade typeface that exudes a retro vibe. It's best for commercial projects like T-shirt prints, greeting cards, and posters.

Storytella Free Font

Storytella is a stunning handcrafted brush font. The free package comes with lots of alternate characters and brush swashes. The design is from Letterhend Studio. Storytella is best for personal and commercial design projects.

Pixelo Basics

If you're new to Pixelo, here are the essentials you need to know:

  • After purchasing a design bundle, you will have a lifetime access to the download link. You can use it whenever or wherever you like.
  • To become a Pixelo affiliate, complete the form available on the affiliate page. Once approved, you will receive your customized referral link.
  • The design bundles are primarily payable through PayPal. If you don't have a PP account, you can still buy design packages with a
  • MasterCard or Visa credit card.
  • A refund is possible, but only for valid reasons. Pixelo offers a 100% money back guarantee.
  • For an exclusive license, you may contact a Pixelo representative to get one. But first, make sure to check the platform's license page to see if the license you need is already available or not.
  • Expired bundles or deals are not for sale anymore.

Pixelo is a platform that offers high-quality and cost-effective design resources. Its bundles are curated by a team of professional designers from all over the globe. They choose the assets based on quality and trend. The site provides simple and trouble-free navigation. The design assets are unique and most advanced. Pixelo can help you create the best and most innovative designs for your projects.