How to Hire Remote Staff for Your Small Business

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Hire Remote Staff
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When it comes to recruiting for your small business, you have a myriad of options, and you can easily personalize your staff to suit your business needs. One popular choice, especially if you're an entrepreneur with little to no office space, is to hire remote employees. Here are a few reasons why your business may benefit from hiring remotely.

Your Business Can Be Covered 24-7

Hiring remotely gives you the option of hiring people from all around the world, from different timezones and with varying schedules. Somebody can be available to represent your business night and day, weekends and holidays included. Do you want to make sure your blog keeps publishing content regularly while you're on vacation? Hire a team of content creators who can work around the clock. Are you afraid of missing phone calls because you can't be on call at all hours? Consider a 24-hour remote answering service to cover and reroute your calls so that you don't have to worry about them. 

Remote Workers Are Often More Productive

Studies have shown that people who work from home tend to begin work earlier, take shorter breaks and fewer sick leaves, and don't attempt to cram errand runs and workouts in a half-hour lunch break. All in all, they usually complete their work tasks far more efficiently. This could be because there are fewer distractions in the home environment than there are in the workplace, maybe people nestled comfortably at home find it easier to be productive, or perhaps many work-from-home employees are able to strike a perfect work-life balance. Whatever the case, hiring a remote staff means you might see an increase in employee productivity and efficiency. 

You Can Explore Different Contractors and Freelancers

Hiring remotely can also give you the opportunity to broaden your horizons and explore the different types of remote workers that are available to you. While many telecommuting employees operate on the same standard as in-office employees, with a set number of hours and a fixed salary, you also have the option of outsourcing independent contractors or freelancers, depending on what kind of business you are running. Adding a contractor or freelancer to your work team can help to shake things up, bring new ideas to the table, and provide your clients with consistently new and varied content. 

You'll Have Fewer Overhead Costs

It won't be long before you see just how much impact hiring remotely can have on your bank account. Because your employees work from home, you won't be required to supply them with office space, desks, computers and electrical equipment, office supplies, and courtesy coffee; plus you'll save money on office utilities such as water, electricity, and janitorial services. Another cost-effective bonus comes from studies that indicate most employees prefer a job with a better commute. By hiring remotely, you welcome the possibility of higher employee retention, which saves you the expenses which come with recruiting and training new workers. 

You'll See a Broader Range of Talents

Geographical limitations are essentially nonexistent for remote workers. You don't have to worry about trying to convince the perfect candidate to relocate to work for your company or settling for a less-skilled individual who just happens to live in the area. By hiring remotely, you can welcome talented workers from across the globe, each with something special to bring to the table. Hiring international employees will also encourage more diversity in the workplace and a broader understanding of different cultures, and also increases the chance of bringing in workers who are bilingual, all of which will open your doors to more clientele. 

Working Remotely Will Save Your Employees Money

You aren't the only one likely to see a boost to your bank account. Working remotely will also save your employees money, as remote workers don't have to shell out thousands of dollars annually on transportation, a professional wardrobe, eating out during lunch breaks, and fancy coffees to get them through the workday. 

You'll Have Happier and Healthier Employees

Most people thrive in a comfort zone. Remote employees have the ability to work whenever and wherever it suits them, whether that be cozied up at home, in a coffee shop sipping on hot java, or in a quiet library surrounded by books. Studies have shown that remote employees tend to be less stressed, eat healthier, exercise more frequently, and feel generally happier. Flexibility allows them to create the perfect work-life balance and enjoy more time with family, friends, pets, and hobbies. 

Your staff is the backbone of your business, and the kind of employees you hire is not something you should take lightly. If you're short on office space, want to save money, or simply want a happy and healthy team of workers to support you as you build your business, then hiring remotely might be just the thing you need.