21 Insanely Helpful Adobe Premiere Tutorials for Beginners

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What is the right Adobe Premiere Tutorial for me?

With high-quality, affordable tools, filmmaking is now more accessible than ever before. One of the most powerful tools available is Adobe Premiere.

Since Adobe Premiere is used by professionals, it has numerous facets to learn. As an aspiring editor, you may wonder which Premiere skill you should learn first, and which Adobe Premiere tutorial is right for you.

Truthfully, it's good to get acquainted with all the aspects of Premiere, if possible. You'll only truly improve by experience, so knowing a little bit of everything will provide you with the essential building blocks you'll need later.

Whether you're somewhat familiar with the program or a complete newbie, you're sure to find an Adobe Premiere tutorial you can use below.

1. Adobe-Made Tutorials

Adobe-Made Premiere Tutorial

No one knows Premiere like the Adobe team, which is why their tutorials are a valuable resource for beginners (and experts, too). This page offers a variety of tools to teach you about the Premiere interface, color adjustment options, editing basics, and more.

2. UC Berkley's Premiere Pro Written Tutorial

UC Berkeley's Premiere Pro Tutorial

If you learn better through words and images rather than video, do yourself a favor and bookmark this link. UC Berkley's tutorial for beginners is a boon, because it clearly lays out information that a beginner might not know (AKA info an expert might take for granted). This is a great page to have up during projects, as you can easily scan through to find what you're looking for.

3. Learn Premiere Pro in 20 Minutes

Pressed for time? This video guarantees to teach you Premiere Pro in twenty minutes flat. Obviously, you won't be a Premiere master in under a half hour, but this video is a good, quick introduction to the program. Additionally, there is a consistent visual and voice to help you along.

4. Importing Material into Premiere Pro

This write-up is a quick and easy way to familiarize yourself with importing video, especially if you've never done it before. Plus, you can find links to related content, such as capturing video from tape and importing files.

5. Premiere Pro Tutorial: Trimming Clips on the Timeline in Premiere Pro

AGI Adobe Premiere Tutorial

This Adobe Premiere tutorial is taken from a class-specific book, so the written content does refer to specific video clips. However, this is a great resource for learning the basics of the Razor Tool, as well as information on making Insert edits.

6. Keyboard Shortcuts in Premiere

For those looking to cut down on editing time, check out the video above. Not only is the video just under ten minutes, but in it, you'll learn various keyboard shortcuts (with graphics to guide you). These shortcuts will help your editing fluidity and speed.

7. Video Editing Basics: How to Sequence Shots in Adobe Premiere Pro

Video Editing Basics Premiere Tutorial

This is one of the most important skills to learn as you are becoming acquainted with Adobe Premiere and Adobe Premiere tutorials. Not only will this help you in your own editing, but it will help you to understand future lessons and tricks.

8. Color Corrector

This video is an introduction to how the three-way color corrector tool works within Premiere. By watching this video, you'll have an idea of how to adjust various colors within the program.

9. Adobemasters: How to Use the Audio Clip Mixer in Premiere Pro

As you're familiarizing yourself with Adobe Premiere, this video will help you understand the clip mixer tool. This tool allows you to increase and adjust individual sounds within your audio.

10. Audio Transitions

Poor audio transitions can be jarring for viewers. Premiere's various audio transitions are explained in this video, which will teach you how to apply simple fixes to your music and sound.

11. Adobe: How to Mix Dialogue, Music, & SFX

Just over an hour, this video is not a quick-tip course. However, it's a great lesson for those looking to become well-acquainted with sound editing. This recorded livestream does a deep-dive on the use of the Essential Sound Panel.

12. Flicker Transition Effects

Flickering transitions can be a great addition to action sequences and reels. This video explains the process on how to add these types of transitions into your own work.

13. RGB Split FX in Premiere Pro

Regardless of your version of Premiere, you can add this effect to your work. The RGB Split effect is great for high-tension moments in your video, and this tutorial walks you through the process.

14. Fast Forward FX

In this video, you'll quickly learn how to create a fast forward effect, ideal for music videos and exciting sequences.

15. Make Your Own Gif From a Video

Gifs aren't in any danger of going out of style any time soon. With that said, many of us would like to make our own. This video will teach you how to do just that.

16. Post Videos Directly from Premiere Pro

Posting videos from Premiere to Youtube and social media

Social media is a great place to share your work. This video shows how to post your videos directly from Premiere into a social media account.

17. How to Stabilize Handheld Footage

How to Stabilize Handheld Footage in Post

Film newcomers rarely have expensive equipment at their disposal, meaning handheld footage is often their only option. Unfortunately, this can lead to distracting, shaky videos. The tutorial above will show you how to minimize shaky footage in post-production.

18. Premiere Pro Green Screen Keying

Adobe Premiere Tutorial Green Screen

Green screens can be used for a variety of projects. We see YouTubers, broadcasters, and advertisers utilize green screens constantly. This Adobe Premiere tutorial explains how to take your green screen footage and re-work it in post.

19. Using Premiere Pro Type Tool

Premiere Type Tool Tutorial

You can experiment with different text options directly in your program monitor with Premiere's Type Tool. This tutorial is a helpful guide on creating and editing type within your video.

20. How to Create a Doodle Video in Premiere

How to Create Where Are Ü Now Video Effect Premiere

If you've seen Skrillex and Diplo's video, “Where Are Ü Now,” you've seen how mixed media can add dimension to a video. In the tutorial above, you'll learn how to combine doodles and live action footage.

21. Exporting Your Video in Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Tutorial How to Export Video

When you want to finish your project, exporting is the final task. This makes exporting both a relief and a potential source of stress. This tutorial will guide you as you finish your project and ready it for viewing.


Anyone can become acquainted with filmmaking, especially with the huge variety of information available. With editing software (like Premiere, Final Cut, or Avid), a few tutorials (like the ones above), and video footage (available on sites like Shutterstock, Videezy, and Videohive), you can easily teach yourself the ropes of editing.

Hopefully the round-up above has strengthened your resolve to become an editing professional. No matter your skill level, there are countless Adobe Premiere tutorial websites and channels for you, each with its own unique take on the Adobe program.

Got more to add? Let us know in the comments below, and happy editing!