3 Free Graphic Design Editors that Might Actually Change Your Life

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Where can I find free online graphic design software?

Why do I need online graphic design software if I’m already a designer?

If you design daily for clients, you may think free graphic design programs are a waste. After all, why use websites when you could use high-tech software? However, having a variety of tools in your toolbelt is actually a boon, especially as you find yourself working on highly specific projects with quick turnarounds.

For instance, if your client just has to have an image of a snowboarder or an illustration of a film reel, it can be helpful to have software to assist you. Otherwise, you may spend a lot of time creating or searching for elements you could easily find via editing programs.

And it turns out the right image is important. In fact, studies show that visual content performs 4.4 times better on social media than plain text, and higher quality images have a positive impact on engagement.

So, whether you’re a professional designer or new to the game, today we’re outlining a few online editors that will make your life easier.



If you don’t know Depositphotos, they are a great stock image tool, as well as leaders in the visual content sphere. They also recently launched Crello, a visual editor that provides users with the ability to create vibrant, professional-grade designs (whether the user is a designer or not).

In fact, Crello is perfect for both experienced designers and newbies; professionals can create mock-ups and starting points, while newcomers have the ability to create a product, start to finish. This is a great program for people looking to up their social media presence.

Is Crello affordable?

We like free stuff, and Crello offers free editing. What’s more, you can find thousands of free images, like photos, icons, vectors, and more. If you do have some money to spend, paid features won’t break the bank. Paid features cost up to $0.99 each, and the use of images is unlimited. This means if you do pay for an image, you’re investing in something you can continue to use.

Is Crello time-efficient?

Time-efficiency is the name of the game in the design world, especially for freelancers. Because you can create a design in your browser (without signing up), you can quickly put together a great product in a fraction of the time it would take to make something from scratch. Plus, Crello comes with an easy starter kit. You’ll get a collection of 6,000+ free templates, 10,000+ design elements, and millions of stock high-res photos.

Additional Details

Crello has additional features, including proper dimensions (29 formats with preset sizes), options to upload personal images and fonts, visual effects and filters, and multiple use licensing. (Purchased premium elements remain available for reuse.)

Crello is part of Depositphotos, a commercial platform with licensed stock photos, graphics, vectors, and videos. Depositphotos works to bring authors and buyers together so they can mutually benefit. You can find 65 million stock photos, illustrations, vectors, and video content on DP.

Vecteezy editor

Vecteezy Editor

You may be familiar with Eezy, a company that offers stock resources to creatives. Their brand, Vecteezy, released the Vecteezy Editor this year. The Vecteezy Editor is formatted very similarly to Adobe Illustrator, and it allows users to create designs from scratch. Additionally, visitors can edit premade vectors from the Vecteezy platform.

This program targets design newcomers with its intuitive system and simple menu. However, the editor can also be a great resource for designers. For example, if you need a specific element for your illustration, you can simply search Vecteezy’s library for that element, edit the file to your needs, then download as an .svg, .jpeg, or .png file.

Is the Vecteezy Editor Affordable?

Definitely. Vecteezy and the Vecteezy Editor are free to use. (Remember, we like free stuff.) You can easily edit and/or download vectors, icons, brushes, PSDs, and more. The Vecteezy newsletter includes free vectors several times a month to browse and use, too. The part we like most about Vecteezy, however, is the community; with a free account, you can create a profile page and comment on images. If you’re interested in a purchasable option, you can sign up for Vecteezy’s paid service, with which you’ll get Premium resources, royalty-free usage, and unlimited downloads. Go here to see the pricing options currently available.

Is the Vecteezy Editor time-efficient?

While it depends on your needs, the Vecteezy Editor is an efficient option for those who are new to Adobe Illustrator. High-level programs can be extremely overwhelming (and even discouraging) for budding designers, and the Vecteezy Editor can assist in bridging that gap. Plus, with millions of graphics available, ready-to-go images within the editor, and the ability to download edited files in a variety of formats, you have a number of immediate options.

Additional Details

The Vecteezy Editor has a Background Tool, Pen Tool, Text Tool, and an Elements Tool. If you’re looking to add gradients, text, or images, you can easily do so. Plus, the elements tool has custom shapes and illustrations.

Vecteezy and the Vecteezy Editor are branches of Eezy, which boasts other resource brands, such as Brusheezy, Themezy, and Videezy. Available content includes brushes, website themes, templates, and videos. Creatives worldwide contribute to Eezy brands, providing artists with stock resources for their projects.



Canva is a program that allows users to create graphics for a number of projects, including album covers, photo collages, social media, presentations, and more. Whereas Crello and the Vecteezy Editor are a great fit for both designers and newbies, Canva is best-suited for those without design experience.

With tutorials, inspiration guides, and more, Canva is a great tool for marketing and in-house projects. Canva began as a way to teach students graphic design basics. Now, Canva helps users worldwide put together unique images.

Is Canva affordable?

If you’re a one-person operation (or even a ten-person operation), Canva is free forever. With their free plan, you receive two organizational folders, 1GB of storage, a library of templates, and the ability to upload your own images. However, keep in mind that Canva’s photo collection offers photos for $1 each. If you have more than 11 members in a team, Canva offers pricing tiers. Go here to see what they are.

Is Canva time-efficient?

Canva is designed to be user-intuitive, meaning you can immediately login and start your specific project. Because you can choose the type of design you’re doing (e.g. album cover, poster, etc.), you save time on formatting. Additionally, Canva offers an app for iPhone and iPad, meaning you can design on the go. Plus, Canva has a huge variety of layouts and backgrounds available for your designs.

Additional Details

Canva comes with photo editing tools, font tools, design courses, teaching materials, and more. If you’re interested in forming a community, Canva allows you to share your work and see work from others, too. Canva is a great resource for those in marketing, as well as those trying to promote a social media presence. The company also offers extensive support for users both free and paid.


You may be a seasoned designer or someone who is still learning the ropes; either way, it’s good to have a few options when you’re working on a project. Crello, Vecteezy Editor, and Canva are all great resources for illustrations, newsletters, and social media. You may find one works best for one project, while another is your everyday go-to. Either way, it’s good to play around and see what works for you.

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