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Vectorstock Launches Re-Design, Adds "Free Vectors" Section

As many of you know, I'm all about free stuff here at Bittbox. I'd like to bring to your attention's latest re-design, and the addition of a new “Free Vectors” button on the homepage. I'm not entirely sure if the button itself is new, but it's clearly easier to locate the freebies all in one place. Vectorstock regularly releases free vectors and it's even better to have them all in one place. As for the re-design itself, you'll probably agree that its a great improvement on the old site. It's peppy, responsive, easy to navigate and a new popup preview/zoom script has been added as well. Overall, I say the redesign is a success, especially 1 click access to the freebies! 🙂

Vectorstock Launches Re-Design, Adds

A quick shot of the new preview script.

Vectorstock Launches Re-Design, Adds

Oooh, the Freebies button, love it.

Vectorstock Launches Re-Design, Adds

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