Free Vectors: Hand-drawn Decorative Ornaments II

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I'm back from about a week-long hiatus, and I wanted to kick things back off with some killer freebies. This is another set of “hand-drawn” decorative ornaments. A lot of you seemed to like the first set and I enjoy making them, so I decided to crank out some more. These were hand-sketched on pencil/paper then scanned and converted to vectors. They may not look like vectors, but trust me, they are. Available in EPS format. Preview of what's inside after the jump.

Free Vectors: Hand-drawn Decorative Ornaments II

Here's a peek at what's in the file:

Decorative ornament 1
Decorative ornament 2
Decorative ornament 3
Decorative ornament 4
Decorative ornament 5

Download: Hand-Drawn Decorative Ornament Vectors