Free Vector Web Page Elements – Part 2

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This set has a slightly less noticeable shadow, and a simplified highlight. So in general, they should appear to be more shallow (in a 3D sense of the word) than the previous set, as well as most of my other buttons, in turn making this set easier to customize. The highlight is simply a white fill with a low transparency. File formats included are AI (CS & 8), EPS, and SVG. From what I've heard, Inkscpe users who will be wanting to take advantage of these files via SVG format, might have to do a series of “un-grouping” before you see some of the reflections. To customize, you will need a vector graphics editor, such as illustrator, or inkscape.

Free Vector Web Page Elements Part 2

Customizing tip: Use the layers palette to select individual paths within a group to change the fill colors without regrouping.

Download: Vector Web Page Elements Part 2

I've gotten a lot of requests for true PNG files. I didn't realize how many of you would be using these designs as is. I thought most would want to tweak them a little, but from now on I will be includinga full size true PNG file in every download for use in fireworks and various other web authoring apps. The PNG I've always included in my downloads is the bitmap used in the posts, so people would know what the opened vector file should look like. If you want a PNG of any previous file sets, email me or comment and I'll add them by request, but a true PNG with a transparent background will be included in all future releases. Thanks for the feedback, it helps me reach a broader range of users. Cheers ~BittBox.

Requested: PNG with a transparent background

Download: PNG Version