To ring in the new year I thought I'd start us off with a fairly simple black and white grunge set. The set should be ubiquitous enough to meet all of your grungy design needs. If you guys have any texture requests feel free to leave them in the comments and I'll try and fulfill them in the coming weeks. Enjoy!


Free Texture Tuesday: Black and White Grunge 1
Free Texture Tuesday: Black and White Grunge 2
Free Texture Tuesday: Black and White Grunge 3
Free Texture Tuesday: Black and White Grunge 4
Free Texture Tuesday: Black and White Grunge 5

If you want to learn to design grungy textures on your own, then tutorials are available on this site and you will get enough information to design different kinds of grungy textures. These black and white grungy textures are of different densities, opacity and colors are spread differently. The designer has shared these previews and now you may feel curious to apply these textures to your own work. All the grungy textures are not suitable for all the different kinds of surfaces so one must be specific about the particular texture and surface. These are the ready-made grungy textures so that you do not have to design your own texture from scratch. The specialty of these grungy textures is to enhance the overall properties and enhance the quality of the background surface. The different types and kinds of grungy textures are always in demand and they are suitable for all kinds of the surfaces.

If you do not know what grungy means than you must take into consideration that it is referred to as the dirty and irregular pattern of something e.g texture or different paint colors spread across the surface of the floor.

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