Free Seamless Vector Perforated Metal Pattern

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I've found it to be a difficult task to discover (decent) free seamless perforated metal patterns on the web. Seamless VECTOR is even harder to find. I mulled it over and the seamless vector patterns that I've searched for the most would be Perf metal, and Paisley, by far. I haven't attempted paisley yet, but I thought if I made a perforated metal pattern in vector, my guess is that a lot of people would find it somewhat useful, so here it is:

Free Seamless Vector Perforated Metal Pattern

I didn't add texture for a few obvious [to me] reasons: 1. Some people will want to create their own textures on top of the design. 2. Textures are way better in Photoshop anyway. And 3. It's easier for people to customize, not having to get rid of the styles I would have applied. (the styles palette can be confusing to casual illustrator users)

  • Seamless: means the pattern that is continuously smooth and uniform without any abrupt gap or obstacle. 
  • Perforated: means the pattern consisting of uniform holes at different points. 

Use of seamless vector pattern:

For creating a vector pattern, you have to create several layers, place them in sequence and customize all of the layers perfectly to create a perfect sequence. Seamless patterns are continuous and infinite patterns so you may use them to fill up spaces or create another beautiful orderly pattern. Adobe Photoshop is an amazing software to craft something that is difficult to draw on paper manually. Considering the large demand in the expertise of graphic designing, this software has made the process of designing very fast thus you can handle many clients at a single time. This website also serves as an online store for various products related to web designing. After application of these vector patterns, you will have a lot of things to do with these patterns thus getting most of the designers creative mindset. 

Seamless vector patterns are always in demand to be used in Photoshop, illustrator or any other such designing software. It takes time and sincere effort to design a seamless vector pattern from absolute scratch. In addition to that, you should also learn how to apply a particular pattern in your work. Adobe Illustrator is a wonderful tool when it comes to designing a perfectly seamless vector pattern. You may practice applying seamless vector pattern to the number of different projects so that you can examine how this affects the original work patterns. The read-made seamless vector pattern can be used at different places and you can choose to customize it by adding textures or customize the overall pattern somehow. The sequence of the pattern can be achieved in many different ways. This vector pattern is giving a bit rough and grungy look, therefore, it has been referred to as perforated metal pattern. There has been a tutorial on this site that will teach you to design your own seamless vector pattern of any sort and color. The link to the tutorial is:

As this simple pattern is available to you, there are several other advanced patterns available that are so complex and beautifully calibrated. 

Application of seamless vector patterns:

Note: I included a seamless PNG, just-in-case 😉

Download: Vector Perforated Metal Pattern