Free High Res Photoshop Brushes: Grungy Texture

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In this set, you'll find grungy textures, as well as some rocky cracks. There are 12 brushes in the set, and they are all 2500px. Available for CS, and in PNG format for everyone else. All of these brushes were made from the images of the textures I gave away in a previous post. The important specification of these brushes is that they are of high quality and can be used for large surfaces without sacrificing the portion of quality. These available brushes will help you learn quickly and lead the world of Photoshop. Hope you like them!

Free High Res Photoshop Brushes: Grungy Texture

Brushes Preview

Preview of the grunge Photoshop brushes

Here's a preview of a few of the brushes in the set:

Grunge Photoshop Brush 1
Grunge Photoshop Brush 2
Grunge Photoshop Brush 3
Grunge Photoshop Brush 4
Grunge Photoshop Brush 5
Grunge Photoshop Brush 6

There is no need to start your work from absolute scratch as there are several samples available for you to use and get things done quickly. These Photoshop brushes are designed so as to add a great amount of value to the drawings. There are other tutorials available on this site that teach you to design new brushes and get the things done in an absolutely right way. These Photoshop brushes are great assets for all types of work therefore they must be kept safe and used accordingly. You can choose to make some further adjustments to these dirty brushes so as to customize them perfectly for your own task. You will love using these brushes for your own work. If you have not used any Photoshop brush beyond the common ones, these ones can be great to get familiar with and take your Photoshop skills to another heights.

In addition to that, there are other sets of brushes available which are perfectly designed with proper customization so that they do not lose the quality. Grungy textures are usually dirty and complex. They are difficult to draw or make brushes for them, especially for the newbies.

Download: Grungy Texture Photoshop Brushes


  1. Download the file and unzip it.
  2. Copy the .abr file to your Photoshop/Presets/Brushes folder.
  3. In your Photoshop Brushes palette, click on the arrow in the upper right and click on “Load Brushes.”
  4. Navigate until you find the file and load it (Photoshop/Presets/Brushes/BB_HiRes_Grunge_textures.abr )