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50 Free Vector Grunge Corners

I took an evening and put together this set of free vector grunge corners for everyone to download. I have searched countless times for free vector grunge and came up empty handed. Not only are grunge vectors difficult to make, but extremely difficult to find as a freebie (except here on BittBox). Grunge is always a hot item, but have you ever downloaded the PERFECT grunge Photoshop brush, only to find that the brush is 100 pixels wide? Not very helpful if your design is bigger than 100 pixels huh? Well that's one of the great things about vector graphics, scale isn't a factor. You can scale vectors all day to fit your design, without compromising a pixel-worth of quality. I think I have a few vector paths here to keep you busy for a while, enjoy 🙂 Formats: AI, EPS, SVG, PNG, Ill8.

P.S. I also included some source grunge for you to play around with.

Free Vector Grunge Corner Designs 1

Free Vector Grunge Corner Designs 2

Like I said above, I also included in each download, a little source file of grunge shapes for you to play with. Here is what the file looks like. This isn't all of the source that the corners are made from, but I just wanted to give you a little something extra, in case you wanted to add to what I have provided, or explore further on your own.

Free Vector Grunge Corner Designs 3

Includes: – IllustratorCS [AI] (3)


Includes: – EPS (3)


Includes: – SVG (3)


Includes: – PNG (3)


Includes: – Illustrator 8 (3)


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