5 Free Seamless Vector Patterns

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I will elaborate on multiple ways to use these patterns in upcoming posts with both Illustrator and Photoshop, but for now, here are 5 seamless vector patterns for your designs. Formats: AI, EPS, SVG, PNG. Tip: instantly turn these 5 patterns into 10 by reversing the fill into a stroke. For those of you without a vector graphics editor, check out InkScape (free) or you can use the PNG provided with a transparent background.

Seamless: It refers to the continuous and uniform pattern spread over particular area space. 

These vector patterns can be used in almost any project either to fulfill the space or enhance the project in a unique way. These are the simple and common vector patterns that consist of particular shapes spread over particular area. You can edit these vector patterns so as to make them suitable to be used in your own projects. Such kind of vector patterns are always in demand and they add great value to the common projects. Different kinds of shapes and forms can be duplicated to create seamless vector patterns and should be used accordingly.

These vector patterns are very simple and you can edit them further or add colors. You may combine different vector patterns to create other complex and unique patterns. You may create a library of such vector patterns and make them easily available for your project. These vector patterns are available in different formats so that you can easily open them up in different kinds of software. Articles are available on this site through which you can learn to create seamless vector patterns on your own.

Graphic designer must be great in customizing and formulating these vector patterns so as to craft a nice and simplistic background. It may be difficult for you to find customized vector patterns for free but you can use these simple vector patterns to customize them further and enhance worth of your time and project. These vector patterns can save a lot of your time and help you focus on the core tasks. You can customize them further to create advanced vector patterns. 

5 Free Seamless Vector Patterns
Preview of the vector patterns

Download: Vector Seamless Patterns