Best Neon Fonts for Signs and Glowing Designs

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Searching for the perfect neon font? Don't worry; we got you covered. Check out these rad fonts that will make your design pop! Get creative and add some high-voltage style to your designs.

When deciding on the perfect neon font, there are many factors to consider. The most crucial factor is the message you want to convey with your sign or design.

Some fonts are suited for loud and bold designs, while others are better suited for more subdued or minimalistic looks. Other considerations include the overall aesthetic of the font, its readability, and how well it works with other decorative elements in your design.

Best Neon Fonts

There's something about neon fonts that scream the '80s, and we love it! In this post, we've collected some of our favorite neon fonts you can use. These futuristic neon fonts will make your designs come to life in a bold way.

Neon Ballroom

Neon Ballroom Font

The retro display typeface Neon Ballroom will be perfect for your next futuristic project. This font represents rave parties and disco nights out in a simple but stylish manner that may push you to dance. The rounded bubbles and reflective surface make this typeface perfect for all sorts of use, from product packaging to branding.

Fuse – Realistic Neon Typeface

Fuse - Realistic Neon Typeface

Fuse is an elegant typeface that uses geometric letterforms and rounded corners to look like real-world neon light signs. With its intricate details and realistic shading, this cool neon font looks like it belongs in the middle of Las Vegas or Tokyo.

This font was designed to be modern and mimic classic '80s film titling credits, music promotion, or retro posters.

Square Style – Retro Neon Font

Retro Neon Font

The Retro Neon Square Style is one of the most popular fonts because it's nostalgic, cool, and friendly. The authentic neon look gives designers access to traditionally hand-made lettering quickly!

The square style is fresh yet still familiar enough that they feel comforting to many people who have grown up with them- like an old friend you can rely on when things get tough.

Outline Style – Retro Neon Font

Outline Style - Retro Neon Font

The Retro Neon Outline style is a fresh take on the contemporary neon sign, perfect for any modern design. The thin strokes make it look like a real-life version of bubble fonts but with an emphasized neon feel that will help you achieve your desired aesthetic.

Inline Style – Retro Neon Font

Inline Style - Retro Neon Font

The Inline style of Retro Neon font helps you achieve an authentic and realistic look for your next music video or movie title. It has thin strokes designed to mimic what we see in old-school arcade video games with glowing effect signs saying “GAME OVER.” The included graphics preset makes this even more accessible. 



Lumaneon is an eye-catching font that will make your business cards and social media graphics pop. This neon contender was designed for establishment signage, but it would also look great on any type of marketing material. It has an understated yet stylish all-caps design with some added attitude to make its mark in modern society.

Neon Absolute Font Duo

Neon Absolute Font Duo

Neon Absolute is a unique and eye-catching font duo that creates a classy, contemporary look for any project. This modern font combo combines a script with a sans serif, providing a clean and stylish contrast.

Use the font styles together for a cohesive look, or mix and match them for a more eclectic feel. This typeface will help get your message across loud and clear.



Bayshore is a typeface straight out of the 1980s, with its hand-drawn cursive neon style and tabular design. This script is perfect for creating stylish lettering and will give your text that unmistakable retro feel.

With the end and underline swashes, you can start custom styling for any design work. This font features lowercase and uppercase letters with special characters and alternate letters.



The versatile Neon by Superfried is an experimental, retro display typeface that can be styled for the classic neon signs of yore or something new. Its two styles will give any design instant credibility because everyone loves seeing these classic signs come alive again.

Neon is a popular font used in many design projects. It is known for its unique, futuristic style and ability to add depth to any project.

Stacker – Neon Sci-Fi Futuristic Font

Stacker - Neon Sci-Fi Futuristic Font

Stacker is a futuristic, multi-line neon font. It has an exciting style and would be perfect for designing sci-fi posters and cyberpunk-themed projects! The letterforms are rounded corners with open endings that mimic real bright light tubes in their natural environment while also integrating round corners into their design, adding an extra touch of detail not seen anywhere else.



The Neoncity font is a flashy display type with a vintage feel. Inspired by the roaring '80s, it will add some spice to your next design project. It comes in two versions: normal and script style for creating contrast within typography designs.

It has clean lines and curves making it perfect for any work from marketing materials or publications. You can also use the script version if you want something more ornate but not without sacrificing readability on screen.


Neon Blitz

Neonblitz is an elegant and stylish decorative font family with the perfect amount of neon flair, making it ideal for logotypes or any other design work. It's got plenty of sharp corners and curves that will give off an old-school vibe without being too clunky.

With its bright glow, this typeface will pop into any project, whether virtual marketing material or not.

Gamblin Light Neon Font

Gamblin Light Neon Font

Gamblin Light Neon is a unique and stylish typeface that would look great on anything from club signage and gig posters to trendy designs.

This serif font has been inspired by old-school neon lamps, so it's perfect for covers or party banners with lots of colors. This font will make any text stand out with its bold neon letters and playful curves.

Neon Magic

Neon Magic

Give your project a fun, modern twist with Neon Magic. This typeface's clean and bright neon color lines are offset at a small section of each letter, making any design come alive.

Use it for logos or album covers that need an ultra-modern touch while maintaining its retro sign feel. Add some graphic elements to your design to turn this font into realistic-looking lamps right before your eyes. 

Neon Quebec

Neon Quebec

The futuristic neon style of the twenty-first century is captured in this typeface. The four lines make up each stroke giving it an elegant yet stylish look that would be perfect for any project requiring a cool and fresh appearance while staying relevant today.

Neon Quebec font is a modern typeface that will make your designs look like they were pulled right out of the future.



Oregon is a futuristic, creative, decorative neon font perfect for any new project. It features an elegant yet modern style with a double-line technique, making it suitable for neon artwork or other tasks requiring intricate lines.



This modern and edgy group of bold sans serif fonts is a must-have for any creative project who wants their work to stand out.

The 5 different styles of this font range from the traditional style all caps lettering, such as Neon Regular or Double Outline, to a 3D style lettering with cut-out effects as you've never seen before. There's something there that fulfills your artistic project needs.



Hastron is a realistic handwritten monoline script font. It looks like any other elegant calligraphy font but becomes a stylish neon sign once you add a cool glow effect.

The OpenType alternate characters of this typeface were split into features such as stylistic sets, stylistic alternates, contextual alternates, swashes, and ligatures. With its OpenType features, this font can work with modern tools like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.



Axeon is a futuristic typeface that could be used in any design. It has an elegant appearance with double, unfinished lines like pins bolted together to create a letter. 

It provides you the opportunity for creativity by giving off all those creative possibilities while still maintaining some readiness in-use qualities- meaning your audience will understand exactly where they need to go next after seeing their screen too.

Summer Blues

Summer Blues

Summer Retro is a fun and playful script with an old-school vibe that will make you feel like there's no tomorrow – or maybe just another day in paradise.

With three lines of letters (the brightness blended), this typeface has all sorts of nostalgia to offer when it comes time to design those summertime designs again. Remember how great they look paired up side-by-side, too.

Neomarket – Retro Neon Sign Font


Neomarket Display is an elegant font that will help you create the perfect social media art cards or traditional hand-made lettering. This font has only straight lines and reserved curves, where applicable, that have been specially crafted to make it easy for designers who want their work digitally replicated with authenticity in mind.

With these graphic presets (neon included), there's no need to worry about how your text looks when printed because they're so realistic.

Retrolight – Retro Neon Display


Imagine a world where glowing real neon tubes illuminate the starry night sky with Retrolight, an elegant font with three rows of shining blubs. It is perfect for adding vintage flair or designing real-world signs using this classic style.

It has minimal letterforms perfect for creating unique communicating messages without compromising readability.

Night Vibes – Neon Light Font

Night Vibes

If you're looking for a font that features dim, discontinuous neon-style lines and reflects neon light effects, then Night Vibes is a perfect choice. This modern font is ideal for store branding, quotes, magazine titles, and video editing projects like film titles or product design.

Nigh Vibes also comes with a bonus set of neon shapes that you can use to add an extra touch of realism and uniqueness to your neon designs.

Avaneonz – Neon Font


Avaneonz features a crisp, straightforward design with a smooth flow of actual neon tube lights in every letter. Inspired by city streets at night when all you can see are bright red sodium bulbs glowing on billboards advertising. It is perfect for your next retro-style project.

Rodagear Script

Rodagear Script

Rodagear Script is the perfect cursive letter typeface for your next vision project. This font forever changes the appearance of any environment with its dynamic lighting effects. It can work on dim backgrounds and has different elements that mimic shading to give it an authentic vintage video game vibe.

Why You'll Love Using These Neon Fonts

There's something about neon fonts that makes them irresistible. Maybe it's their bright, eye-catching colors. Or it's the fact that they add a touch of fun and whimsy to any design project. Whatever the reason, neon fonts evolved as one of the most favored choices among graphic designers.

Keeping your audience in mind when choosing a font for your website or design is essential. If you are creating for a more serious crowd, Lumaneon and  Bayshore font will be most suit. Avaneonz, Neomarket, and Neon Magic fonts may be better choices if you want to keep things simple.

In this blog post, we have compiled some of the best neon fonts for you to use in your future projects. We hope you found this helpful and are now inspired to experiment with different fonts in your work. Try out a few of these neon fonts and see which works best.