Dingbats Roundup: 16 Incredibly Detailed, Useful (and free) Dingbat Fonts

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Now, before I start, not everyone is going to think these are all useful, so if you don't ever use tree silhouettes, fine. But some of us do. Personally, I love dingbats because (most of the time) I convert them to vectors in Illustrator and use them as very large elements in some cases. All you have to do is use the font in Illustrator and then go to Type > Create Outlines, and Bam. You got yourself a vector to work with. Here are some dingbat fonts that I thought you might enjoy.

1. Geobats


12. Rose

Dingbats Roundup: 16 Incredibly Detailed and Useful Dingbat Fonts

14. Subeve


16. We Inside

We Inside