30+ Best Scary Fonts (Spooky, Horror Typefaces)

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If you want to add a spooky little flair to your latest design project, the best scary fonts can help. Whether you want to create an eerie atmosphere for a horror movie poster or a chilling invitation for Halloween, these creepy typography choices will come in handy.

Sharp, jagged edges to gothic design and eerie typography – get ready for whatever vibe you want! We've rounded up some of the scariest font styles out there. They're sure to give chills down the spine.

Best Scary Fonts

Are you ready to bring the fright and excitement of Halloween into your home or business? You can turn any space into a spooky retreat with the right combination of suspenseful visuals. One way to create that environment is by choosing the perfect display fonts for all those horror-filled signs, greeting cards, and posters.

These typeface options ranging from creepy and unsettling to horrifying, will surely add a haunting touch to whatever project. To help make the task easier, we've gathered some of our favorite scary font picks.

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Scary Things – Creepy Serif

Scary Things - Creepy Serif

Scary Things is a bold, all-caps serif font that will make your spine tingle with its solid and sharp letterform design. Perfect for dashing headlines, titles, and subtitles, use it to make your horror stories stand out.

It's versatile enough to be used in children's horror story books to introduce new horror fanatics. With Scary Things, you'll give your design project the fear factor they need!

Scary Night

Scary Night

Get ready to be terrified with the edgy and unique Scary Night font. Add a spine-chilling effect to any design with this jagged font that screams horror at first glance. The wobbly, extra grunge mood-inspired lines give this uppercase font a perfect touch to convey an eerie and unsettling feeling.

Midnight Terror – Horror Font

Midnight Terror - Horror Font

Experience terror from the stroke of a font with Midnight Terror – a perfect addition to your next Halloween design project.

Its powerful, solid brush styles will send shivers down anyone's spine, while the uppercase letters and alternates offer a versatile range of use. Get ready to create the creepiest invitations ever with pointy Midnight Terror font.

Psychomachy – Handmade Scary Font

Psychomachy - Handmade Scary Font

Prepare to give your design a chilling makeover with Psychomachy, the spine-tingling handmade font filled with ligatures and unique glyphs.

Whether you're creating photography overlays, window art, graffiti posters, or children's book illustrations, this street-inspired font will infuse your work with an extra layer of frightful excitement.

Castleton – Scary Display Font

Castleton - Scary Display Font

Looking for a font that's equal parts spooky and striking? Castleton is the perfect pick. With a vintage gothic vibe and rigid serif styling, this font will send shivers down your spine.

It's available in both uppercase and lowercase letters, so you can make your eerie design look its best. Plus, with its horror flair, Castleton wouldn't be out of place at a haunted mansion or spooky graveyard.

Earthen Parasite

Earthen Parasite

Enter the terrifying world of Earthen Parasite, where dry brush strokes bring a chilling, hand-drawn hatch pattern to life. These capital letters will send shivers down your spine as if they were scratched across a wall in a horror movie.

With alternates and ligatures, this perfect slant scary design font accentuates your spine-tingling movie title.

Halloween Night

Halloween Night

Halloween Night is a horror display typeface with a striking upright style, complete with blood drops on the edge of the letters! With its serif letterforms and uppercase-only design, this font is perfect for anything from Halloween party invitations to spooky social media graphics.

Alternate letterforms, ligatures, and sward signs make it easy to create killer designs that will stand out in any crowd.



Introducing Sadistic – a hauntingly beautiful handwritten font that captures the essence of sorrow and loss. With its spider trap-like appearance, it's no wonder this font transports you to a creepy, old hunt home.

But don't be scared – the essence of horror is subtle yet evil, making it the perfect choice for adding a touch of darkness to your designs.



Step into the night with Nightscary font, a handwritten typeface that's fierce and edgy. With powerful splatters, this font exudes a spooky and chilling aura perfect for Halloween or thriller designs.

Are you ready to relive a classic slasher movie like Scream? With Nightscary font, you'll feel the thrill and urgency of the brushstrokes, creating a sense of panic essential for classic horror design elements.



Midnight is a hauntingly beautiful font with wide spacing that's made to send shivers down your spine. Crafted with love and inspiration from vintage novels and horror flicks, this authentic serif typeface is just what you need for all your spooky design projects.

From creepy posters to eerie headlines and even chilling social media posts, Midnight is perfect for any design that demands a touch of horror. With its tall handmade structure, this font will leave a lasting impression on your audience.



Sonnyfive is a horror brush typeface that sends horror down your spine. Its bold and striking all-caps letters bring to mind the epitome of 80s horror, especially when paired with red.

With its scary brush strokes and ambiance of horror, this font perfectly fits everything from street art to movie posters. It's no wonder Sonnyfive is a front-runner in a scary font game used on well-known movie posters.

Terrible Dream – Horror Font

Terrible Dream - Horror Font

Terrible Dream is a horror and scary typeface perfect for adding a ghoulish vibe to your designs. Its unique stylings capture the spirit of fear, featuring sharp edges, grotesque details, and menacing curves.

Its jagged appearance gives it an eerie feel that captivates and frightens viewers. Whether creating a horror movie poster, a Halloween-themed event flyer, or a scary video game logo, Terrible Dream will surely give your design that extra boost of terror.

Fright Hours

Fright Hours

Fright Hours is an eerie, creepy, and bone-chilling handwritten font that adds more fear to any project. This bloody horror font has a unique lowercase style featuring intense letterforms and a blood-curdling look.

It's perfect for creating titles, posters, or web banners for Halloween-themed projects. The font comes in regular and bloody versions giving any project a sinister yet stylish touch.



Darkmode is an ominous horror gothic typeface perfect for creating a mood of dread and fear. It has a rough brush, and bold letters evoke a feeling of foreboding. The unique letters contrast nicely with the horror-themed background, creating uneasiness and impending doom.

Horror – Bold Scary Font

Horror - Bold Scary Font

Horror is a bold, smooth, uppercase font with a blood-dripping effect, perfect for creating a scary vibe for Halloween, posters, merchandise, and more. This font is designed to make your design stand out with quirky and fun shapes while maintaining a frightening touch. It's great for adding a unique and spooky element to your projects and exploring design possibilities.

Another Danger

Another Danger

Another Danger a chaotic typeface that oozes raw and retro vibes. Its rough and distinct style scratches across the page, making it hard to miss.

This all-caps pick is a typographical showpiece with a thrilling twist. Its rough brush strokes and splattered ink make it look like it's straight out of a Hollywood classic horror film – no wonder it's a crowd favorite in this category.

Scary Zombie – Spooky Font

Scary Zombie - Spooky Font

Scary Zombie is a creepy and distressed zig-zag design font commonly used in horror-themed projects like posters and media to create an atmosphere of fear and unease.

It is perfect for enhancing your design's spooky and unsettling elements, especially those related to supernatural themes like zombies or ghosts. Scary Zombie can be particularly effective during Halloween or when a creepy text message aesthetic is desired.

Halloween Danger

Halloween Danger

NCL Halloween Danger is a handwritten font that resembles the classic horror movie genre from the 1950s. The overall design follows a spooky, vintage aesthetic with bold letterforms and decorative details such as bats, spiders, and other creepy characters.

The font is perfect for adding a bit of darkness to your design projects, be it a poster, flyer, or plain text document.

Black House – Horror Font

Black House - Horror Font

Black House is a horror-themed display font that adds a nail scratcheffect, complemented by sharp, eerie lines. Not only to perfect for creating chilling invitations or posters, but with added alternates and ligatures, it's versatile for any project needing an extra effect boost of horror.

The Night Lamp – Horror Font

The Night Lamp - Horror Font

Step into the shadowy world of horror with The Night Lamp font inspired by classic movie posters. This font has a spooky and mysterious design that will creep you out most elegantly. Its haunting letterforms and sharp, jagged edges give it an otherworldly vibe perfect for blood-chilling terror designs.

With The Night Lamp, you'll feel like something sinister lurks out of sight. This eerie font brings a touch of terror to your following horror-themed projects.

Horror Night

Horror Night

If you want to add a spooky twist to your design, you need a font tailored to the dark side of childhood tales. Horror Night evokes the oozy, gooey texture of slime creeping over large, bold, molded letters – giving kids a wickedly fun element of terror in their storybooks or Halloween party invites.

Grimes Blood

Grimes Blood

The Grimes Blood font is a spooky creation perfect for instilling fear and unease in your audience. Its sharp edges and blood-dripping letters design create a terrifying effect, adding a horror touch to any horror-themed project.

The blood-soaked letters are not for the faint of heart and are sure to frighten your audience.

Bloody Mary – Thriller Typeface

Bloody Mary - Thriller Typeface

The Bloody Mary font is like something from a horror movie, with a gory design perfect for Halloween events, spooky book covers, and creepy posters. It's all thanks to the bold, sharp style and chilling blood-dripping effect that gives it an overall sense of horror.

With its unique shapes and eerie vibe, this font is a surefire way to create a spine-tingling atmosphere and make your audience uneasy.



Bring your horror designs to life with a zombie-esque font that will give your work the perfect oozing, creeping, and crawling look.

This bold, customized all-caps font will ignite a burning fire effect and scare like an eerie wave drawing style. Stick to tradition and elevate your design with the perfect horror-inspired typography.



The Elastika typeface is an eerie work of art that's sure to leave an impression. Inspired by the scribbles of restless hands, it boasts a prickling design that practically pops off the screen.

As you scroll through its text, it takes on a life of its own, spreading and expanding like something out of a horror movie. With its sharp edges and sinister strokes, it's no wonder this typeface gives off such an otherwordly vibe.

Sinister Mind

Sinister Mind

With rough lines and jagged edges, Sinister Mind is perfect for horror-themed projects and Halloween designs. Its dark and menacing zig-zag design will create a sense of fear and unease, adding a horror touch to your design.

Whether you're creating a poster or other media, Sinister Mind is the ideal choice for those who want to make an impact and hold their viewer's attention.

Scary Night

Scary Night

Scary Night is a bold headline brush font designed to add an eerie feeling to any creative project. With its angular lines and jagged edges, Scary Night has the power to bring even the most mundane tasks to life.

It's perfect for comic books cover, posters, logos, movie titles, and promotional materials that need a spooky edge.

Horror Hustle

Horror Hustle

Horror Hustle is a smooth curvy display font perfect for creating a sinister and spooky atmosphere for your projects. Whether designing a scary-themed website or looking for a horror movie poster font, this eerie font will surely give your work an edge of fear.

The unique style of Horror Hustle adds a particular element of beauty and terror to any text or design.

Zombies Reborn

Zombies Reborn

Zombies Reborn is a horror-themed typeface inspired by classic zombie films. The font has been designed to look like the writing of a zombie's hand or the blood splash, with an added eerie twist. It features bold, angular characters and sharp edges that evoke a sense of dread.

Perfect for creating posters and titles for horror-themed projects, Zombie Reborn font will surely give your work a spooky edge. 

Unblessed – Horror Typeface

Unblessed - Horror Typeface

Experience the spine-tingling horror atmosphere with Unblessed, a font that evokes pure terror. Its jagged edges and ominous design create an eerie ambiance that will leave you on edge.

With a texture brush stroke style, ligature, and glyphs, Unblessed is the perfect choice for adding a touch of ominousness to horror films and games.

Gruesome – Horror Scary Font

Gruesome - Horror Scary Font

The Gruesomebrush texture will send shivers down your spine with every stroke, terrorizing any design. Whether crafting invitations or sprucing up a website, this font will leave an unforgettable mark. Its bold and daunting lettering is a force to be reckoned with, leaving a lasting impact on any project.

Gendarwo – Scary Typeface

Gendarwo - Scary Typeface

Gendarwo is a typeface with an eerie aesthetic. Its blood stains, like letterforms, are spindly and awkward, lending it an unsettling character that creates discomfort and unease when used in design projects.

It has a unique style of letters that makes it stand out from other typefaces and adds to its creepy feel. Its rounded edges give the overall design an unfinished, unpolished look, adding to its spooky effect.

Why You'll Love Using These Scary Fonts

With the right font, you can enhance the design and create an atmosphere of horror and suspense. Don't be scared to experiment with these scary fonts to help create compiling designs while bringing out the eerie side of Halloween.

Bring out those scissors, cups of coffee, and spooky typefaces. Take the time to play around with them and find the perfect style that best fits your design. After all, aesthetics are essential in captivating your audience with a powerful message.