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[Requested Illustrator Tip] Edit Styles in Multiple Text Boxes at Once

This Illustrator quick tip was requested by Chris. Chris asks, “I want to make a global change to the FONT or STYLE of a bunch of text boxes (each with different text inside them) at once. Is there a way to do this?” As a matter of fact, there are a couple different solutions, both of which take no time at all, however, graphic styles must be applied differently, but we can take care of all of the font formatting with ease. Let's get started.

Step 1:

Ok, let's say for example, you have all of the different text boxes like in this image, and you want to change all of the, sizes, and fonts, and colors to match the text box on the bottom right. In that case, step 1 would be to fine tune your text formatting in the bottom right text box and get it exactly the way you want it.

Step 2:

Shift + Select all of the text boxes except for the one you want to match.

Step 3:

Select your Eyedropper Tool, or hit (I).

Step 4:

Click your Eyedropper Tool on the text box on the bottom right. (The one you want to copy, font and size, etc. from) and it applies the formatting from that text box to all of the other selected text boxes! And Done 🙂 It won't change the actual TEXT in the boxes, only the font, color, and size, etc. Basically, anything you can control in the Type Panel, including letter spacing, leading, etc. Styles (effects) must be applied manually, which you can do easily by Shift + Selecting and then applying a graphic style, or drop shadow, or whatever you need.

Alternate Method:

Shift + Select all of the text boxes and the adjust your settings in the Type (Character Panel). It's as simple as that.

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