Freebie Friday: 10 Burned Paper Edge Photoshop Brushes

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Freebie Friday: 10 Burned Paper Edge Brushes

These brushes were created from some burned vintage paper textures I created a while back. Each brush is 2500px wide. Textures in Photoshop can be used to create brushes and similar features. This means that you can apply a paper texture over the specified places using customized illustrator brushes. Although brushes are popular tools for making any type of customization, they are the perfect tool when you aim to highlight a specific portion of your drawing. Similar brushes can be used to draw a boundary or any other such decoration. Several features of Photoshop are linked to each other and have similar customization available to be made. The 10 different pics are available with slight changes in brush presets and the way brush is applied. You can create your own brushes from different textures and name those brushes. In order to create such a brush from scratch, you have to create the paper texture first.

If you are looking for some suitable boundary around your artwork, then how about introducing burned edges to the boundary of your artwork. You will have seen such kind of burned paper edges in old paper pieces as in video games or magazines. These are quite tempting to be used around any special message or classical artwork. These are absolutely free of cost and avail this offer before they are priced by the admin of this site.

All the Photoshop brushes with resolution of 2500px or above are considered as high-resolution brushes. You must keep this thing in mind while designing your own brush.


Burned Edge Brushes Preview

Download: Burned Paper Edge Photoshop Brushes