5 Essentials To Create Your Own Website Presence

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Web Design
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Only a website that has a well-established presence can stand out on the internet. Business owners and individuals hire web designers like yourself to create website presences for them. In order to prove yourself, you need to establish your own presence online first. Get to the point where you can showcase your own website during meetings with potential clients. If you can prove that you maintain a high traffic website, you can earn yourself more clients. Continue reading to learn the top essentials to create your own website presence.

Domain Name

In order to design a new website experience, you need to obtain a domain name. Since your domain name will be the address of your website, it is a crucial feature. When deciding on a domain name, consider how well consumers can remember it. Keep your name as short and easy to pronounce as possible. Then, your website views will increase through word of mouth. When designers register domain names that are lengthy, consumers have a difficult time remembering them. As a result, they do not pass the name onto friends nor do they visit the site themselves. If you want to establish a high quality website that will impress future clients, choose a simple yet unique domain name.

Website Hosting

Once you obtain a domain name, choose a website hosting provider to create your own website presence. Popular hosting providers include shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting and free hosting. While these are all commonly used options, they are not all created equal. Designers pay less for shared hosting, but they receive better services with dedicated hosting. Shared hosting is cheaper because you share the cost of a server with the other sites functioning on it. If you choose dedicated hosting, you will have an entire server to yourself. Thus, your website's functionality will increase. Speeds will be faster and you will suffer from less downtime. If you plan to build a site that will generate a lot of traffic, consider spending the extra money on a high-functioning host. Then, you will create your own website presence effectively.

To promote your website, a quality and recognizable logo is essential. Since you have a specific vision in mind, you are the best person to create a logo for your site. If you create your own logo, you can market that talent to your potential customers as well. You can honestly tell them that you can build them a site from the ground up and establish an online presence for them as well. Your value as a web designer rises immediately. To truly impress prospects in the future, create a logo that is easy to read yet eye-catching. Look at other successful website's logos to make your own and your future clients'. Since logos are highly effective on the internet, they are one of the top essentials to create your own website presence.

About Page

Similarly, website about pages are advantageous and, thus, one of the main essentials to create your own website presence. When consumers visit your site, they look for an introduction to who you are as an individual and a business. They want to know what products or services you offer and how you provide them to consumers. Include a direct link to the about page on your home page. Then, consumers will be able to find what they are looking for easily. If they can easily navigate to and from your about page, they will likely visit your site again in the future. If you use clear yet compelling diction in your about page, you will also earn revisits and increase your traffic. Build an informational about page when creating your own website presence.

Social Media Integration

Finally, social media integration is a primary essential to create your own website presence as well. Companies use social media to promote their websites and vice versa. In order to do so, you need to connect the two. Integrate social media icons on your website's home page that link directly to your pages. Then, viewers can find your social media presence  and follow you. When you use your social media pages to post about new content on your website, those viewers will see it. If they find the promotions interesting, they will continue to your site. Thus, social media integration boosts your traffic efficiently, making it a great website presence builder. To stand out on the internet and beat out your web designer competition, you need to create your own website presence. Begin by choosing and registering a domain name that is short and unique. Then, choose between the most popular website hosting options. Create your own logo that represents who you are and what you offer consumers. Build and write an about page that provides your audience with information and insight into your services. Lastly, integrate your social media channels into your website to increase website traffic easily. Use these top essentials to create your own website presence.