40 Material Design Android Apps for Clean User Interfaces

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Google’s material design has become a language unto itself. Both mobile and web designers are swooning over the simplicity of Google’s systematic foundation for textures, animations, and icon styles. Material design is here to stay and only seems to be growing in popularity. 21

If you want to design apps for Android then material design is a great place to start. But what’s the best way to learn? Well most designers learn by copying, and these examples of Android app designs are perfect for beginners. Check out this gallery and try to replicate the best ideas that to further your understanding of material design.

Material Design Android Apps


kipchat dark interface ios

Car App Concept

car app ios concept ui

Wellbing Sliding Nav

wellbing sliding nav ui design

Stats Widget

stats widget mobile ui

To-Do Manager

todo mobile app ui design

Running Tracking App

tracking app ios ui design

Music Mixes

android app mixes screen ui

StrongLifts 5×5

stronglifts 5x5 mobile app android

Premium Todo

todo tasks premium psd buy

Luggage by Google

luggage by google android

Health App

tracking dashboard android mobile

User Profile

material design app ui

Golf App

android material golf app ui

Trivia UI

trivia ui app design

Dropbox List View

file list view dropbox android

BBM Redesign

bbm redesign mobile app ui

Android Settings

colorful android material settings page

Fashion Store

brazil fashion store app

Material Graph

flat material design graph


weather android app ui

TV Series

tv series tracking app android

Mobile Music Player

material app mobile player

Dark Player

dark music player android

Explore Screen

explore screen android app ui

Single Post

single post material app design ui

Calendar UI

calendar app ui

Friends List

dialer material flat ui


gopro material android ui

Simple Flat Design

flat android app ui design

Vonn Material

vonn material mobile ui kit

Twitter for Android

twitter for android flat material design

Dark Calendar

dark calendar android material ui


material design ui whatsapp


material design android ui calling

Florist App

florist app ui android

Ringo Android App

ringo flat android app calling ui

Travel App

android material travel app ui

Timeline Profile

android flat timeline profile ui


material green ui sporticor app

Microsoft Partner Network

microsoft partner network android app