5 Essentials To Boost Your Business Advertisements

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When we have a product we’re about to release to the market, we make teasers and advertisements to touch our hungry customers who wish for something new. With our crazed efforts to showcase it to the world, we explore all available options on the Internet to boost its performance.

For marketers who have been hard at work, deep-seated research might have been conducted to ensure all bases were covered. You’ve probably explored SEO, hiring famous influencers to market the product for you, and even Facebook and Google ads.

You’re on the right track.

What are advertisements?

In layman’s terms, an advertisement is a public announcement that promotes a product or service. This can be done through different mediums, including newspapers, smartphones, and online. In exploring Internet ads, you can use various social media websites that offer this type of service. Today, almost all social media websites can promote your product through paid advertisements. This includes, but is not limited to, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google, and Pinterest. There could be more—who knows how deep the Internet runs, right?

Types of advertising

At present, there are four types of advertising. These are the following:

1. Display advertising

Display advertising takes up the form of banners which can be displayed on small billboards or can be posted online as cover photos or on any available platform as long as the image remains at a horizontal setting at the top of a page or a vertical location seen at the side of a page. You can opt for either an unmoving or animated image. The choice is yours.

2. Mobile advertising

Mobile ads have a customized setting that can be appropriately viewed through your phone or tablet. It’s best to prepare video ads for mobile advertising. In 2018 alone, 87% of consumers demanded brands to create more video content for the next year. In 2020, that expectation increased to a whole new level.

3. Native advertising

Native advertising involves subtly promoting products, meaning they are barely there and cannot be noticed immediately. This is because this type of promotion is slipped within social media posts and blog articles in a way that won’t disrupt the reader from what they are currently reading and concentrating on.

4. Video advertising

Video advertising creates content that is eye-catching and entertaining by stitching together clips that make a story. There are so many different ways to make a video relevant, given that it is one of the forms of most in-demand advertising. You can even check out this free video maker app to explore the possibilities of video advertising!

What you need to ensure great performance with your ads

1. Simplicity and attractiveness

When making an ad, you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money. The point of making an ad is to showcase your products and services to people who might find them interesting. To do that, you need to make it simple but attractive. Having too much unnecessary elements in an advertisement can lose everyone’s attention. An ad needs just the right amount of sass and flair to capture the attention of everyone else. You can even use simple materials as long as it shows a story and allows people to feel as if they’re part of your brand.

2. Suggestive

A well-rounded advertisement will leave a lasting impression on your viewers. You basically have one shot at making many things happen, including increasing your product and service sales. Thus, in creating ads, prepare them in a suggestive manner. For example, if you are about to release a new set of clothes, make your models wear it fashionably with highlights of accessories. This way, your viewers will have a basic idea of incorporating the clothing with what they already own.

3. Valuable and educational

Produce ads that generate value and education. With the right information, your prospective customers can decide what they think is best for them. You are helping them make a big step by guiding them in their decision-making process.

4. Genuineness

Always be true to your claims. There have been countless times where fitness brands have claimed that their products can decrease your body weight in a week. Those individuals who are set on losing weight at such short notice will, of course, jump on the bandwagon and purchase the product. These claims are mostly false that even the Federal Trade Commission sued and stopped companies lying to their audience.

Your truth andgenuineness will go along way as you build trust and loyalty with your customers.

5. Something that heals a customer’s pain points

Every customer has something they need or have been wanting for quite some time. However, there could be reasons why they still don’t have what they’re looking for. These reasons could be because of price, availability, or other personal considerations. Thus, when advertising products, do one from their point of view, which could be a possible solution to their recurring problem.

When you present a solution, your audiences will find your offer interesting. So many people are interested in exploring new products on the market because who knows, this product just might save them from a stressful day of work.


To correctly produce an ad that will capture the hearts of many, work with a great creatives team who are always up to date with the latest trends and online developments. You need to study your target market to garner positive reviews about your advertisement.

Wherever you might want to advertise your products, be it on a website or a group of sites, master how to design it in a way that matches the platform you will be using. There are many considerations in this aspect. Besides the online platform, you also need to remember that your ad will be viewed on many different devices and in different shapes and sizes. Thus, always be open-minded and critical.

When you kill it in your ads, it will be a hit.