How to Move Artboards in Adobe Illustrator

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When we create a new document in Adobe Illustrator, we usually start with one artboard by default, but sometimes we may include more than just one artboard. Working with multiple artboards helps you to work more efficiently as it allows you to manage all your files in one document. 

If we work in Illustrator daily, arranging and rearranging the artboard becomes part and parcel of our daily tasks. Especially if we're working on a big project, moving the artboard tends to occur more frequently.

Organizing your Illustrator artboard may help in boosting productivity and creativity as a graphic designer. Moreover, it’s always better to find your necessary work in an orderly manner in one place. Thankfully, there are ways to move your artboard with contents. In this tutorial, we will learn how to move artboards in Illustrator.

Method 1 to Rearrange Artboards: The Artboard Tool

Step 1: In this method, you must select the Artboard Tool first. The keyboard shortcut to this tool is (Shift+ O).   

Artboard Tool in Illustrator

Step 2: After you're done with selecting your artboard tool, it’s time to select the artboard you want to manually move or reorder (or create a new artboard if you're just following along). Click on the artboard you want to select.

Clicking on an artboard

Step 3: Now drag the selected artboard to your desired location.

Dragging the artboard

Tip: In the same way, you can duplicate any artboard in three simple steps: 1) click on the artboard, 2) press the Alt key, 3) and drag it.

Duplicating an artboard in Illustrator
The duplicate artboard

Method 2 to Move Artboards: The Artboard Panel

Step 1: Open the Artboards panel from the right toolbar. Now, if you don't have an artboard panel anywhere on your screen, you can manually open it from the Window menu from the toolbar. Drag the panel to your tray. Now you have your artboard panel handy in your tray.

Artboard Window

Step 2: In the artboard panel, you'll see the list of your artboards. Here you can customize, rearrange, reorder, resize, remove, shift, or move your artboards. In a nutshell, you'll get all the tools to edit your artboards or change position in the artboard panel.  

Artboards panel

Step 3: Select the artboard you want to move from the list of artboards from the artboard panel. 

Selecting the artboard you want to move

Step 4: After selecting the artboard, use the navigation button (move up or down arrow) to rearrange artboards up and down wherever you want to put that artboard. You can move artboards around wherever you want.

Moving the artboard up or down

Step 5: When you're done with your desired position of the artboard, you can save the Illustrator document, and only then can you see the changes you made or the order you implement for the artboards.  

Changed order of artboards

Alternatively, you can select, drag, and direct an artboard or canvas to the desired position in the artboard panel.

Tip 1: In the same way, you can also remove or delete an artboard by simply selecting a different artboard and clicking on the delete icon. You can find the delete icon at the bottom left corner of the artboard panel.

Tip 2: Click the Rearrange All Artboard option on the left bottom side of the panel. In this dialog box you can modify the order, layout, and appearance of your artboards.

Rearrange All Artboards
Changing the artboard settings

Final Thoughts on Moving Artboards in Illustrator

Now you know how to rearrange Illustrator artboards with artwork! It's a simple task, but understanding the process will help your design.