More Design Inspiration

by Jay Hilgert
on May 14, 2007

I have been stumbling upon more great artists in my random surfing, and I think you all would really enjoy the sites in this list, if haven’t seen them already. This is the kind of inspiration that makes me skip meals.

More Design Inspiration

  1. Depthcore
  2. Shiny Binary
  3. Justin Maller
  4. Pete Golibersuch
  5. Devine Lu Linvega
  6. Piotr Jaworowski
  7. Bart van Leeuwen
  8. Valter Simões
  9. Pete Harrison
  10. Eric Sin
  11. Alexander Radsby
  12. Jericó Santander
  13. Boonika
  14. Perttu Murto
  15. Jeff Huang
  16. Chris Haines
  17. George Smith
  18. Matei Apostolescu
  19. Vault 49
  20. Jeff Soto
  21. Amenth
  22. Jaffa Rose
  23. Stanley Donwood
  24. Linkdup
  25. Imaginary Foundation

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Formally trained at Oklahoma State, Jay Hilgert is a graphic and web designer, font designer (Link), software developer (Brush Pilotâ„¢), and the founder of BittBox.