Free Vector Web Page Elements – Part 4

by Jay Hilgert
on March 6, 2007

Here on BittBox, I like to share things with you, especially those things that can make your life a lot easier. Have you ever discovered something very simple, yet very useful in a program you use on a daily basis, and thought to yourself “Man, That’s sooo easy. If only I would have figured that out 3 years ago!” Those are the kinds of things I like to share. Well, I came across an awesome tutorial a few days ago on NDesign Studio that explains one of those very simple things in Illustrator: Easy Abstract Lines. I started experimenting with these lines, and incorporated them into some vector buttons and headers, and I invite you to do the same (experiment). I guess what I’m saying is that this set of freebies is meant more-or-less to inspire your creativity a bit, and play with a new tool (if you don’t already know about it, of course) Abstract lines via the Blend Tool.

Tutorial Link: Abstract Background Tutorial by NDesign Studio.

Free Vector Web Page Elements - Part 4

Color Scheme requested by BittBox Reader Brandon Hopkins


Includes: – AI (2) EPS (1) SVG (1) PNG (1)

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