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Handy WP Plugin: Customize Your WordPress Login Page

If haven't had the chance to see it yet, BittBox just got a new (custom) login page. Thanks to the kind souls over at BinaryMoon, it's now relatively easy to make a custom skin for your WordPress login page that won't get over written during an upgrade, because it comes in the form of a plugin! (BM Custom Login) If you have a WordPress blog and want to give your users a better sense of visual connection between login and reading, this is a great way to make your site look a little more professional, and a step above the masses.

Customize Your WordPress Login Page

Not only does the BM Custom Login plugin give you the ability to customize the generic WordPress login page, there are templates included in the download. A PSD for the main image, and a Fireworks PNG (vector) footer. I thought the instructions were a little confusing, but all I did was use the templates and saved my 2 images as “login-bkg-tile.jpg” and “login-bkg-bottom.gif”. Then I replaced those same two files in ~/wp-content/plugins/bm-custom-login/images, and it worked instantly. No need to mess with the WordPress core files at all!

Some Other Examples:

Customize Your WordPress Login Page
Customize Your WordPress Login Page
Customize Your WordPress Login Page

There is even a Flickr Group for the Custom Login pages!, so if you end up customizing your login page, you can show everyone the new design.

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