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The Best Inktober Challenge 2017 Designs


Inktober Challenge 2017: We List The Best Of

What was the best art from Inktober Challenge 2017?

October has come and gone, which sadly means the Inktober Challenge 2017 is over. On the bright side, we now have a huge collection of awesome drawings and designs to drool over until next Inktober. Inktober challenge is of prime significance as some masterpieces of prime value are created during this event each year. This means that this event adds some real value to the field of art each year. Art is a challenging and competitive field. Some of the artworks below are simple yet beautifully artistic while some of them are logical and tough to design and understand. The photograph which covers all the aspects of a photography beautifully and which requires some real creative guts to design are mentioned below. The list is absolutely amazing and you will surely get rid of boredom after looking at these photographs. It is not a huge collection but the best art pieces have been collected and separated for the audience. A perfect artist possess numerous qualities and capabilities. An artist represents the ordinary human instincts with essence of creativity and will power. A single picture can be the representation of multiple concepts and beliefs and there are numerous ways to depict those. I hope you will not get confused and deduce a positive meaning of each photograph.

From that huge collection, we at Bittbox have picked some of our personal faves from all over the world. So, get ready. We're exploring the best designs of the Inktober Challenge 2o17.

Boris and Daria Sokolovsky

inktober challenge 2017

This intricate image from Boris and Daria Sokolovsky (aka Theoretical Part) features a number of mythical creatures overlaid on an ordinary typewriter. Notice the incredible detail work used in each individual design.

Deniz Defne Acerol

inktober challenge 2017

This illustration by Deniz Acerol is both imaginative and striking with is bold imagery and intense color combinations.

Fernando Rivas Peña

inktober challenge 2017

With M.C. Escher levels of optical illusion, this traffic illustration is an amazing example of how detail work can strongly elevate a drawing.

Beatrice Blue

inktober challenge 2017

You may remember Beatrice Blue from our write-up on inspiring Instagram accounts. This piece she did for Inktober has a great contrast between solid colors and complex designs.

Tavo Montañezinktober challenge 2017

Montañez embraced the spirit of the season with this creepy-cute Inktober Challenge 2017 illustration.


Inktober Challenge 2017

This design shows how less can often be more. We love the blue touches that really make this piece pop.

Xulia Vicente

Inktober Challenge 2017

The use of shading in Xulia Vicente's piece makes its details and characters stand out. The canted angle also gives it a heightened sense of foreboding.

Greg Muscolino

Best Inktober drawings

The canted angles continue with this simplistic yet beautiful shark illustration. The lines and shading work together to build a very specific environment.

Daria Golab

Inktober Challenge 2017

Inktober Challenge 2017

Daria Golab's illustration features just three subjects, yet each is a bold contribution to this mysterious image. Her use of hatching creates a wonderful sense of depth.

Grafit Studio

Inktober Challenge 2017

This feathery sketch uses a beautiful combination of detail and shadow. Notice the impressive use of texture in both the person and the falcon.

Iva Dimitrova

Inktober Challenge 2017

In an equal parts eerie and clever illustration, Dimitrova has created a visually-catching image. We love how the light sails contrast with the dark interior of the whale.

Sonia Lazo

Inktober Challenge 2017

This Inktober illustration from Sonia Lazo features a parade of skeleton friends. By pairing neutrals with a bright shade of red, the image comes to life in a festive way.

Mohamed Ali

Inktober Challenge 2017

This piece from Mohamed Ali is visually beautiful with somber undertones. Notice the contrast between the rickety skyscrapers and the solid black background.

David Rivera

Inktober Challenge 2017

We can't get enough of this mythological illustration. We especially like the details of the hands and the various shapes Rivera uses for the swarms.

Michael Myers

Inktober Challenge 2017

We had to do a deep-dive on this aquatic illustration from Michael Meyers. Meyers uses hatching in various directions to create a sense of chaos.

Valeria Diaz

Inktober Challenge 2017

Valeria Diaz has illustrated a gorgeous, asymmetrical witch design. The cloak has the darkest shades in the piece, giving the stars plenty of contrast and shine.

Alba Ballesta González

Inktober 2017 Challenge

This illustration from Alba Ballesta González has an otherworldly feel with its unique imagery and vintage shades of green. Notice the bright yellow star near the center.

Olga Svart

Inktober Challenge 2017

A bewitching image, this illustration from Olga Svart features hands that are a cross between something human and something more sinister. We love the ombre fingertips and strong visual pattern.

Eda İyikalender

Eda İyikalender went the animation route with her Inktober Challenge 2017 design. The minimalism of the above animation is part of its joy.


Best Inktober Challenge 2017 designs

This illustration is perfect for Inktober with its chilling imagery and impressive style. The use of cross-hatching provides an incredible sense of shadow and detail.

Ahmed Nabil

The best designs from Inktober 2017 Challenge

Ahmed Nabil creates a colorful explosion with his Inktober illustration. We love the creative use of line, which makes the art look as if it's coming off the page.

Katarzyna Dziaduś

The best designs from Inktober 2017 Challenge

This sleepy drawing uses inky shadows and spots of color to create a dreamy woodland. Notice how the mushroom's eyes immediately give the drawing a fantastical element.

Valérie Bastille

The best designs from Inktober 2017 Challenge

Valérie Bastille's sweet illustration features soft curves and airy imagery, as well as a beautiful, light color scheme.

Ayo Garcia

The best designs from Inktober 2017 Challenge

The varying imagery in this design provides a strong, metaphysical feel. Garcia uses perspective in a unique way to illustrate a spacey aura.

Florian Leible

The best designs from Inktober 2017 Challenge

This design from Florian Leible is a soft depiction of sea life. The swirling lines and sketched style create a gentle aesthetic.


Inktober Challenge 2017

This rock n' roll drawing has strong imagery and a bold sense of color. We love the fluid movement from right to left.

Bożenka Chądzyńska

Inktober Challenge 2017

With a storybook aesthetic, this drawing has a complex look and a Hobbitesque feel. The shading and surrounding details beautifully center the subject of this piece.

Sandeep Sekhar

The best art from Inktober Challenge 2017

Using a simple palette of blues and neutrals, this design has a strong aesthetic and a subject that immediately draws us in.

Alex Marinescu

Inktober Challenge 2017

This stunning design has a remarkably abstract feel. The careful precision of this piece gives it a strong, clean look.

Thanks for tuning in as we listed some of the best designs of the Inktober Challenge 2017. Did we miss anybody? Be sure to tell us in the comments!

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