30 Flat Analytics Dashboard Charts & Graphs for Website UI Design

Online dashboards like Google Analytics are some of the most advanced modern web applications to date. They pull data related to stats, sales numbers, or conversion rates and display this information in sortable charts. Each dashboard has a set of personal needs which can be met through expertise in web design.

The following examples are perfect for any web designer currently working on a dashboard interface. Some designers may choose to create a dashboard merely for practice while others could be working on a real-world client project. Either way this gallery is perfect for anyone who’s looking for inspiration for an aesthetically-pleasing and usable dashboard.

Flat Analytics Dashboard Charts & Graphs


nettrap dashboard ui interface design

The multiple sidebars create it interesting and easy to display bulk of information through graphics.

Knowledge Dash

knowledge dashboard interface design flat

Another great user interface to get deeper insight into the consequences over different periods of time.

Server Info

stats graphs info charts display server

The single information has been displayed in different formats and metrics so that the user can analyze the metrics in a better way.

Mango CMS

mango cms colorful dashboard

One is curious to know the details of progress so such interface is suitable to contain curiosity of the user.

Recipe Dashboard

cooking recipes dashboard ui

This interface is suitable for the people who want to analyze things with their own perspective of liking and disliking.


pinxter fashion red dashboard ui

The most common ways of representing things have been combined to provide better guidance and do not get fooled by the single perspective.


green paymetrics dashboard simple

The graph representation for each metric is available separately so that one can compare all the metrics easily.

Achoo UI

achoo ui overview dashboard page

Similar to the other dashboards but with good colors and representation.

Analytics App UI

flat analytics dashboard ui

Some interfaces allow you to analyze things with proper reference, sequence and specific categories of interest and focus.


green formstack ui dashboard

The important information has been displayed prominently while past details are also listed on the same page.

Sample Dashboard

flat ui dashboard interface

The metrics can be displayed in tabular as well as graphical form so that users can deduce an appropriate results from overall analysis.

Preview Dash

graphics charts design data

Colorful graphs are used to depict the particular results according to different range of colors.



All the metrics and graphs are properly organized and orientated so that the user can grasp quick information over short periods of time.

Keyword Search

search keyword graph chart

Neat and clean interface to display the information that is bit complicated to understand.


sceatt dashboard design layout

The perfect earning to record and display earnings or sales over different periods of time.


final design ui dasboard analytics

Similar to google analytics or ad sense but with better colors and interface quality.

Automation App

automation app dashboard

You can customize this interface according to your own purpose to indicate large details of a particular system.


dark dashboard ui tradernet

Analysis involves studying all the aspects of a particular condition or study material.


brand24 dashboard redesign ui

This interface includes filter so that one may analyse considering the only few aspects. There are many categories and sections available to categorize the bulk of results and deductions.

Flat Blue Dash

flat blue score dashboard tracking

There are variety of ways to display and analyze particular results but keep it sure that the interface appears to be clean and smooth.

Monarch UI

monarch ui dashboard interface

There are variety of tactics and ways to depict a particular analysis and those tactics have been listed in the sidebar.


lpcloud dashboard clean

Each of the metric has been displayed and highlighted prominently so as to provide clear insight to the user.

Flat White Dash

flat white dash interface ui

These dashboards are necessary to analyze the performance of a particular online business or any other business.

Doha Forums

doha forums backend analytics

The logo may be displayed along each particular metric to make it look more interesting and appealing.

Dark Dashboard

dark dashboard interface graph

These dashboards are available to inspire you thoroughly and give little spark to your creativity.

Shopping System

dashboard ui shopping system

Another great inspiration for users who have no idea where to start or how the things are displayed on web.

Colorful Dash

colorful dashboard interface

The user can replace particular section or metric with another one according to his own preferences.


university dashboard stats

The user may create a new lead so as to analyse a particular metric of his own choice.

Admin Panel

admin dashboard panel ui

All the information has been oriented in detail and the user will crave to look at it again and again for such a detailed analysis.

Pastel Dash

pastel color scheme dashboard ui

The user may guide the designer to design dashboard of his own choice and preferences so as to deduce results in a perfect manner.