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Resource: Photoshop 5-CS3 Shortcut Cheat Sheets (MAC + PC)

I found this little gem on other day and, sadly enough, it's only received 5 Diggs in 48hrs, so I felt obligated to inform. It's always nice to find a cheat sheet, and even better when it includes both Mac and PC versions, But I was truly amazed to find Photoshop Shortcut Cheat Sheets for every version back to Photoshop 5! For Both Platforms (PDF). If you like to improve your workflow or just learn more in general about Photoshop, you should download the cheat sheet for your version, or at least bookmark the site. Thanks Morris! Designers are always looking to save time.

Resource: Photoshop 5-CS3 Shortcut Cheat Sheets (MAC + PC)

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