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Clicky: Web Analytics on Steriods

I don't even know where to start. Clicky is a new web analytics service (free, or pro for a small fee) that is so feature-rich it's hard to imagine everything that Clicky can do. Not only do they offer the normal set of analytics features, they have tons more that leave competitors in the dust. Some cool new features include a WordPress plugin, A live Spying feature (like Digg), Access to the API, File Download Tracker, Stats Via RSS, Integration with iGoogle, the list goes on and on. The only dissapointment I've found so far is the fact that Clicky isn't offering their (killer) service to websites with more than 20,000 page views per day : ( They claim to be adding hardware to make this possible soon. One more thing. . . If you sign up for their affiliate program, it's possible to get the premium service for free. And I hope they hurry. Move over Google Analytics, Clicky is where it's at!

Clicky: Web Analytics on Steriods

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