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Using Flickr to Reduce Bandwidth and Get More Traffic at the same time

I Googled my site's name the other day, and found something very interesting. On the 1st page, the 4th result was a URL from Flickr?! Someone liked my Free Glass RSS icons, took a screenshot, and uploaded it to Flickr with a link to my site in the description. View it Here >(Thank you, whoever you are!) Granted, this site hasn't been around all that long, but I was truly amazed that this page was ranked higher than a lot of my own, but hey, I'm not gonna try to understand it. How bout we just roll with it and try to see the bright side here?

Using Flickr to Reduce Bandwidth and Get More Traffic at the same time

The first thing that crossed my mind was SEO. “If ONE Flickr picture labeled with my url ranks well on Google, why not upload some more?” The second thing that crossed my mind was “Wait. Is that going to be considered spam? Uploading a bunch of pictures with links to my site.”

I thought about it, and I can see how this can be used in a non-spam way. One word: Bandwidth. Let me begin by saying that BittBox was “dugg” into the dirt at the same time I was transferring it to a new server (AHHHH!), which was not only a huge unfortunate coincidence, but also hugely annoying to diggers, and other social bookmarking visitors. I have a terabyte (100,000.00 MB) of bandwidth/month but the quickness of a frontpage social barrage of visitors can do some serious damage on the short-term, no matter your monthly bandwidth allotment. Lets say that your site gets dugg, and the story/post is mainly some hi-res pictures. This would be a perfect excuse to host the hi-res version on Flickr. Your story could house the thumbnails or previews as a collection, and point your visitors to a Flickr gallery to view the entire collection, or one at a time if you like.

I see this as a double positive. First, your server doesn't have to handle the data transfer of your visitors that want to view your hi-res images. And second, you now have a gallery/image on Flickr for any of the millions of their visitors to find, and possibly visit your site. This is another way to take advantage of tagging. On Fickr, you can put any tag you want on your images. This makes me think that the more unique, or focused your topic or image is, the more likely you are to be discovered on Flickr.

Here is an example of hosting your full size image on Flickr?

I tried using standard HTML to display the link back here, but it didn't work. So I just put the full URL in the description, and it worked. I'm not sure if there is another way to do it or not. I really don't use Flickr very much.

Free Vector Design Elements 1

The one bad thing I can foresee is that you run the risk of social bookmarkers finding your Flickr gallery/image BEFORE they find your article/post. Then all of your visitors bypass you, and go strait to the source. So be careful on how you engineer this if you try it. Man If you could only put your ads on your Flickr pages? Wouldn't that be awesome? Yeah, Right. Rewarding the users that get them traffic. Never!

I'm the editor-in-chief of I'm a designer and developer by day, and a writer and musician when the feeling strikes. I enjoy vintage advertisements and puzzles with an absurd amount of pieces. Follow me on Twitter.

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